Benefits of Anti-Fatigue Mats

No matter if you’re looking for floors for your work premises or residential property, it’s essential that you find the right type for the purpose you need. While some types are better for bathrooms and rooms that see plenty of humidity, others are made to withstand high foot traffic. When considering all your options, you don’t want to overlook anti-fatigue mats as a great solution. In case you run a business, here are some of the benefits that anti-fatigue mats come with.

Benefits for the employees

For starters, those working in your company will be the ones experiencing most of the benefits of anti-fatigue mats. If you implement them in your factory, warehouse, or commercial kitchen, for example, here is what you can expect.

They reduce fatigue

First and foremost, it’s in their name – anti-fatigue mats reduce fatigue that can occur from long periods of standing. While implementing standing desks is often recommended to businesses so that the employees don’t have to sit for the full eight hours of their shift, standing for the same period of time can also negatively impact one’s health. After a few hours, standing in place becomes uncomfortable and the feeling only intensifies with time. Using anti-fatigue mats with cushioned material can lower the risk of joint damage, swollen feet and legs, orthopedic issues, and venous disorders. What is more, they can also reduce back, hip, and neck pain. So, whether it’s behind a counter in a retail store or at a packing factory, these mats can be a lifesaver.

They lower the risk of accidents

Something else anti-fatigue mats can do is reduce workplace accidents. Trips, slips, and falls are among the most common causes of injury in the workplace. These often happen due to slippery floors. For example, ceramic or porcelain tiles as well as polished natural stone can cause various accidents when wet while tiles are also a tripping hazard if installed unevenly. Anti-fatigue mats, on the other hand, are made of materials that are resistant to a variety of liquids, including water, oil, and other chemicals employees might work with, meaning that they help reduce slipping accidents. Moreover, depending on the type, the texture of anti-fatigue mats can also provide workers with enough grip to prevent slipping in wet areas.

Benefits for the workplace

Not only can your workforce experience the benefits of anti-fatigue mats but there are perks for the workplace as well.

They reduce damage to equipment

For one, just like anti-fatigue mats can protect people in case of a fall, they can also protect various equipment. Thanks to their anti-fatigue properties, they are absorbent and minimize the damage made to dropped objects. In addition to ensuring the equipment makes it unscathed, these mats also protect the floors from dents and scratches that can be made by dropping heavy objects, which is always a huge plus, especially in a rented commercial property.

They can reduce noise

It’s not uncommon for workplaces to be noisy and loud, considering how they often include using heavy machinery that can produce sounds and vibrations. While there are flooring solutions like carpeting that can be used to reduce noise in a residential property, they are often not a good solution for factories and warehouses. Anti-fatigue mats are a great alternative as many of them are designed with sound and vibration absorption in mind, which means that they can create a workplace that is a bit quieter and more pleasant.

They are easy to clean

One of the reasons why carpets are not the right solution for various work premises is the fact that they can be notoriously difficult to clean. In a factory where liquids and chemicals are spilled on a daily basis, it can be a nightmare to maintain a clean work environment. Fortunately, rubber anti fatigue mats are very easy to clean, simply with a wet mop and a mild detergent. Any spill can be dealt with immediately and it will not put anyone in danger of slipping. Furthermore, due to their composition, mats don’t build up a strong odor, which can occur when dealing with natural rubber mats. That also means that they can last a long time and there is no need to replace them as soon as a stain appears or they start emitting an unpleasant smell.

Benefits for the entire business

Lastly, the entire business can benefit if you decide to implement anti-fatigue mats into your workplace. Here is how.

They protect workers

Once again, it’s vital to understand that anti-fatigue mats protect workers. That means that the company’s most valued business asset will be safe and there should have no absences and no disruptions in the workflow. However, that also means that the business is protecting itself from any possible lawsuits due to workplace injuries. If everything has been done to make the premises safe, a company should not be held liable for any accidents.

They make the workspace more productive

Business owners and managers are always on the lookout for various ways how to boost the productivity of the workforce. Adding anti-fatigue mats to the premises can contribute to productivity as well. For one, the employees will be less tired and not in pain. That means that they will not be missing any work. Moreover, seeing that a company cares about their wellbeing can result in higher job satisfaction, which also leads to productivity. Lastly, as there will be less need to clean up spillages, they will have more time to do their actual tasks.

They save money

Finally, implementing anti-fatigue mats can result in lower costs of running a business. For starters, a company can save millions simply by preventing workplace accidents and being sued. Plus, if a worker gets injured and takes time off, the process of hiring a new employee can be long and costly. Then, as these mats are easy to clean, they don’t need to be replaced as often as some other solutions. What is more, the equipment should not get damaged if it falls on the mat so it will not need fixing or replacing either.

When looking for the right type of flooring solution for a business, anti-fatigue mats should not be overlooked. There are many benefits that the whole company can experience.

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