Sunscreen Plus Calming Gel: An Underrated Combo

You don’t want to be out in the sun with your unprotected skin. With the state of our atmosphere, the dangerous levels of UV rays can easily damage your skin, especially if you go out unprotected pretty frequently. If you’ve noticed that more products now have SPF in them, that’s because they are necessary.

But what you may not notice is that your sunscreen can be a perfect match with your calming gel. Here’s why they should go together.

Sunscreen in your makeup can last a few hours

Sun protection is truly a requirement nowadays because science has revealed how damaging UV rays can be. You may not notice it immediately, but after prolonged and constant exposure to the sun, your skin will start to show signs of damage. You can prevent this by choosing makeup with a Korean sunscreen in its ingredients. You don’t have to worry about sun damage, and there’s no added step to your skincare routine. Just choose the right sunscreen to go with your makeup and you’re all set. However, if you sweat too much, especially under the sun, your makeup and the sun protection it provides may slowly be washed away.

This can easily be fixed by a touch-up–if you remember to do it. When you’re inside the office and away from the windows, you should be fine. When you’re out in the sun for the whole day, that becomes a problem.

A calming gel can step in at the end of the day

Even those who are careful about their skin may still forget to reapply their sunscreen, especially if they’re out having fun on the beach. For these instances, it’s good to prepare for the sunburn that will inevitably come at the end of the day and torment you for the next few days. A calming gel with aloe vera is the recommended product for this.

Calming gels usually come in travel-sized packaging, making it easy for you to carry around the relief product wherever you go.

Don’t have a calming gel ready? Your trusty toner can be an alternative for the time being. The cooling effect of a toner can help soothe the skin irritation, giving you temporary relief for the sunburn. Still, when you get back home, don’t forget to apply a calming gel to feel more comfortable.

Bonus: aftercare after sunburns

Your skin will look flaky and it will be extremely dry as you’re recovering from sunburns. During this time, it’s particularly important that you hydrate and moisturize the skin. Use your preferred face lotion which is great for sensitive skin, and apply a thin lotion that the skin on the rest of the body can easily absorb. Reapply your aloe vera calming gel as needed, and try not to be out under the sun unless necessary. Your skin is very sensitive while you have a sunburn so further exposure to the sun will just aggravate the problem.

There’s no one who can blame you for wanting to have fun under the sun. But before you go out, remember to protect your skin and be prepared in case you get a sunburn.

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