The Best Times to Buy Fresh Flowers Online for Delivery in Singapore

If you think about it from a purely utilitarian perspective, flowers do not have much of a purpose. We cannot use all flowers as tools, for sustenance, or to create other useful items. Some flowers are even difficult or challenging to grow. Yet, flowers are some of our most beloved creations. If you take a closer look at what roles flowers play in cultures around the world, you will see why. For thousands of years, their scents, smells, and beauty captivated us. We use flowers in many ways to express our feelings to others, create beautiful and intimate environments, and make special days even more memorable. Think about the last time you had a flower centrepiece for a party or held a bridal bouquet in Singapore.

The most beautiful thing about flowers is how versatile and widespread they are. When you are planning an important event like an anniversary, you will probably include flowers in your list of decorations or staple pieces. You might also want to consider sending flowers to a loved one on special days like valentine’s day. Even on normal days, you could desire to decorate your home with pretty flowers.

Finding a florist did not used to be so easy. If you want something customised, you might have to put in a little more effort. You had to find and pick your flowers at a brick and mortar flower shop, personally pick them up, and present them to your recipient.

Now that people can find fresh flowers for delivery around Singapore, giving flowers to others or receiving them for events is easier. You can schedule flowers for pickup after a quick visit to the flower shop. You can shoot them a phone call to place an order and ask for inquiries. The easiest and most convenient way to schedule deliveries is by ordering online.

When should you order flowers?


Not everyone can personally meet with a florist or even reach out to them via their phone. If you cannot meet your loved one on their special day, do not have the time to visit a flower shop, or live too far away from the recipient, you need to find ways to buy your flowers. However beautiful they are, flowers have a short lifespan. You cannot store them until your next meeting.

Good news for flower lovers: you can find flower shops in almost every corner of the world. The internet has made buying flowers locally so much easier. At the click of your mouse, you can place an order for a customised bridal bouquet in Singapore and have a deliveryman drop them off at your venue. Sometimes, flowers ordered online are fresher because they come straight from the warehouse or garden.

Flower delivery services are abundant in Singapore and abroad. Here are just a few occasions when you should think about buying flowers online.

1) You want to decorate your home with flowers

The beauty of flowers is not only shared as a gift but also as a decorative material. Sweet-smelling and pleasant to look at, flowers are the perfect accessory to make a place feel cosier. Homeowners can buy flowers of many shapes and colours to accentuate their interiors. Unfortunately, flowers do not last long. The decorative flowers will wilt or discolour with time.

Unless you buy artificial or dried alternatives, you wouldn’t be enjoying your flowers for longer than a few weeks. But with some online flower delivery options, you can savour your beautiful interiors. You can find many flower shops offering subscription boxes for flowers. Choose and curate a flower box subscription and have flowers sent to your doorstep periodically.

2) Someone is celebrating a wedding

A wedding is a momentous occasion that many people will remember for the rest of their lives. Flowers play a big role in making the occasion memorable– which is why you will need a wedding florist to help you plan the flowers you will use. From bouquets to hanging decorations to table centrepiece arrangements, you are better off with an experienced professional helping you pick your flowers.

You can easily arrange an appointment with a florist by reaching out to them via their website. They might be able to recommend flowers that go with the theme of your wedding.

3) You want to express your condolences to a family

If you know someone who has recently lost a loved one, then you know they are going through a hard time. Flowers are a common sympathy gift given to bereaved families. If you cannot make it to a funeral, the most appropriate action is to send flowers.

4) You want to congratulate someone on an achievement

We celebrate numerous achievements throughout our lives. For example, when someone graduates from university or secondary school, or when they open a new business, we can send flowers as a way to congratulate them. You can find graduation flowers in Singapore and send them to your recipient. It is not difficult to arrange a great bouquet for the perfect celebration or afterparty!

5) You want to surprise your partner on valentine’s day and other sweet occasions

Even if you are not celebrating a marriage, small milestones in a couple’s relationship are worth celebrating. Special days like Valentine’s Day or a special anniversary deserve commemoration. You can find beautiful flowers online for your loved ones and surprise them– even when you cannot see them in person.

If you live far away from your partner, you do not have to worry about missing out on giving gifts to them on their special day. You can book a scheduled flower delivery service, complete with notes and packaging. You can even arrange the date of the flower delivery.

Flowers can brighten up any part of your day. Reach out to Petite Fleur to know more about their fresh flowers delivery and other services in Singapore when you check out their website.

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