Modern Applications of Thermal Camera in Singapore

Although images produced by a thermal camera are typically less appealing than traditional photographs, there are certain areas where their importance cannot be understated.

A thermal camera or infrared camera is different from the cameras used in photography. A typical camera records the visible light wavelengths that hit its receivers after reflecting off things. The camera will then use the light to create an image. A thermal camera uses infrared instead of visible light.

Infrared or low-frequency electromagnetic radiation is radiation with wavelengths shorter than that of red lights. It means that they pass the threshold of what our eyes can see. Thus, instead of visible images, infrared is perceived as heat which can take form when using a thermal camera.

How Do We Utilise a Thermal Camera in Singapore?

Most of the time, a thermal camera in Singapore is used for industrial operations. As it is proven challenging to use this camera in photography, it is considered an industrial camera.

The industrial camera is an umbrella term used to describe various types of cameras or imaging equipment which possess great value for industrial operations. A thermal camera belongs to this category as it has been used for centuries in the following operations:

  • Military (for surveillance and night vision)
  • Airport (for detecting passengers and for non-contact security checks)
  • Firefighting (for locating victims trapped in a burning building)

As technology continues to flourish, so does the thermal camera. Today, there are various sizes available for a thermal camera. Each size denotes a specific use. The importance of a thermal camera became more evident during the last decades.

Thermal Camera in Modern Times

Today, practically all sectors of the economy use cutting-edge digital technology such as artificial intelligence (AI) and GPS tracking systems to improve operations. The results have proven to automate operations, create new efficiencies, and lower overall business costs.

The modern thermal camera has gained limitless potential thanks to the combination of thermal imaging technology with AI detection and GPS tracking. It resulted in cost efficiencies that add value immediately to the bottom line. Here are some sectors today that benefit from enhanced thermal camera imaging:


A thermal camera is now being used for various medical procedures. Detection of autoimmune condition hotspots such as arthritis is made possible with infrared cameras. These cameras have been used to detect people with high body temperature (fever) during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Police Security

Apprehending criminals on the loose in dark places or even in the middle of a forest is made easier with the use of a thermal camera.


Manufacturing plants that use several electrical components to run their day-to-day operations make use of a thermal camera to detect overheating equipment and live wires.

Building Administration

Detecting cold and hot spots in buildings becomes more efficient using a thermal camera. This way, the building administrator can identify areas where accidents may have occurred instantly.

One of the most commonly known industrial camera types today, a thermal camera in Singapore serves many purposes. Do you need one for your business? Visit Voltrium Systems today!

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