4 Ways To Combat Fatigue With Traditional Chinese Medicine

When it comes to traditional Chinese medicine in Singapore, it’s worth understanding that TCM is about delivering energy balance regardless if you’re approaching an eastern or western practitioner. The human body is susceptible to fatigue. Nonetheless, it’s a common condition we experience every now and then.

It might be tempting to look for TCM for fertility if one suspects pregnancy causes fatigue for women. In other situations, others will associate their fatigue with flu or colds. It’s worth considering these TCM approaches to address the root cause if you are experiencing fatigue without any medical reason.


Try acupuncture

Acupuncture in TCM provides numerous health benefits, such as relief from chronic pain and enhancement in blood and energy circulation. Practitioners often insert thin needles in certain body points to manipulate Qi meridians, causing calmness in the body and reinvigorating wellness.

Change your diet

Diet plays a pivotal role in your health. The stomach often represents the body’s energy movement, and it’s more than just for digesting what you consume. The substance you put into your body can affect the Qi energy. Thus, changing your diet can help treat fatigue and replenish your energy.

Use the right supplements

TCM does not conflict with the use of supplements, even if you’re opting for confinement herbs list for lethargy and low-level energy. In fact, you can invigorate and boost your body’s energy level. For example, taking vitamin B9 with Folic Acid can prevent lethargy. On the other hand, Vitamin B12 can enhance your mood and ability to concentrate.


Use proper herbal support

If you are looking for a natural alternative to supplements, you can always use plant teas and other herbal medicines to treat low-body energy or fatigue problems. TCM uses a wide range of traditional herbal medicines for increasing energy, such as Ginseng root, Goji berries and Ling Zhi.

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