First Aid for Road Traffic Injuries

Road traffic injuries are one of the most difficult social and medical problems of our society. An analysis of the causes of death in peacetime at businesses, on the road, and at home shows that the deaths of the victims could have been prevented if the people around them had been able to provide first aid properly. In these cases, First Aid is provided directly at the place of impression by the victim or his comrade. Erste-Hilfe Kurs München  will give all the necessary information. 

What to do in case of traffic injuries?

The growth of the number of vehicles is rapid, which leads to an increase in the number of accidents. It is unfortunate to note that the level of road traffic injuries remains high. Erste hilfe hauptbahnhof münchen notes that one of the features of road traffic injuries is that First Aid is not always provided to victims in a timely manner. It is very important that drivers, road users, and traffic police be able to provide timely and qualified first aid if necessary.

Erste hilfe kurs sehtest explains that the implementation of the tasks requires minimum knowledge of human anatomy and the ability to perform a number of basic techniques and actions in a strictly defined sequence.

By erste hilfekurs the following provisions should be followed when providing First Aid:

  • Remove the victim from the car.
  • Find out if the victim is alive or dead.
  • Restore his breathing and circulation.
  • Identify traumatic injuries that threaten the life of the victim and provide first aid.
  • Arrange transportation of the victim to a medical institution.

If you have a First Aid kit on hand, the victim should be given an anesthetic to prevent shock. The syringe is injected with a tube into any intact part of the body.

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