What Are Your Legal Options In The Immediate Aftermath Of A Truck Accident?

Being involved in a truck accident can be nothing short of an intimidating experience. A serious truck accident can alter the lives of everyone involved. Trucks are a lifeline to the economy of California. Consulting a motorcycle accident attorney California would save you from the lengthy claim filing process.

Many times, a person involved in a collision with a semi-truck can sustain life-threatening injuries. Hence, it becomes imperative to consult a competent car accident attorney California who would help you with the claim filing procedure.

Call the Police Immediately After an Accident

First and foremost, analyze your condition and the condition of your passengers. Calling the police is the first step not to jeopardize your own safety. While calling 911, let the dispatcher know how many people are with you in the spot. Calling a truck accident attorney California immediately after the crash would help your cause a lot.

In this manner, they would know how many ambulances to send to the accident spot. Even if the magnitude of the accident is minor, call the police immediately. A police report is one of the most acceptable documents of your case in the courts of California.

Get Proper Medical Attention

Well, it is common for you to argue that seeking medical help is not a legal action. But note that seeking medical attention would help in proper documentation of your health. In the latter stages, the insurance companies would ask for a copy of your medical certificate after the accident. At that time, if you aren’t able to produce one, you have to let go of your compensation claim.

Take Pictures of the Scene

If you are not grievously injured, opt to take pictures of the scene. In case you are immobilized, ask a friend or relative to click the images of the accident spot. Click pictures of your vehicle, the truck, and other cars that are involved in the crash.

If there are any other signs of damage on the road, ensure that you document them via pictures. Clicking pictures is a great way to simplify the claim filing process in the latter stages. These pictures would also depict the amount of destruction a semi-truck can cause.

Gathering Vital Information

Gathering vital information is a sure way to fortify your lawsuit. Ensure that you collect insurance information from the drivers involved in the truck accident. Also, request the other witnesses to provide you their contact information. Also, make sure that you get the license number of the truck driver.

The US Department of Transportation number is also essential in the latter stages of your lawsuit. Ask the driver to provide you the details of the logistics company as well. This would help fortifying your lawsuit against the trucking company.

It is quite evident that the logistics company would have a strong team of lawyers. This is the reason that you must contact Nakase Law firm. They treat your well-being as their priority and act accordingly.

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