Various aspects to explore regarding visa renewal Dubai

Tourists need to go for visa renewal Dubai to extend their stay in the UAE. There are mainly two kinds of visa such as business visa and family visa. The first important thing for an individual is to find a sponsor who is either a UAE resident, a company, or a hotel registered for operating in this country. Your sponsor is supposed to pay a renewable fee of AED 2000. The UAE visit visa is valid for around 6 days, which could be extended for about 90 days. The renewal fee in this regard is AED 500.

Difference between UAE visit visa and tourist visa

A tourist visa’s validity is 30 days while it is 90 days for a visit visa. It is important to know that tourist visas cannot be extended. Citizens of some certain countries are allowed to avail their tourist visas by paying 10 AED. Some of these countries are Poland, East, West Europe, Russia, Albania, Singapore, Thailand, South Africa, etc.

If you exceed the last day of the visa renewal, you will be imposed with a fine of 100 AED. This is why you should renew your visa before the due date. The tourist visa holders can renew it twice for a 60 days extension. If you wish to renew it again, you have to return to your country and then come again after one month.

Securing a UAE Visa

You have to secure a visa before visiting UAE. Moreover, having a passport for 6 months is another requirement. The residents of GCC countries are allowed to apply for UAE visas before they visit this country.

Where to renew your visa?

One individual is supposed to renew his/her visa a maximum of two times. Moreover, one can get 60 days extension at most. If you are to extend your visa on the last day, you must pay 100 AED as a fee.

One is allowed to renew their visa in the immigration office without requiring to leave the country. An amount of 500 AED is required to be submitted as a visa extension fee. These days the whole process of visa renewal has become easier and more effective. The new procedure applies to all kinds of visas such as residence, medical, student, long-term, short-term, and transit visas.

Things to do regarding visa renewal

There are certain things that one is allowed to do regarding the renewal of their visa.

  • Visiting the DNRD office is the first and foremost task in this regard. One has to pay 500 AED there.
  • You also have the option to go for the visa run. In this procedure, you have to leave UAE and return by effectively booking a visa run.
  • A Visa flight is another useful way to renew your visa. It is supposed to cost you around 100-500 AED.

Before doing anything to renew your UAE visa, it is of utmost importance for you to do the necessary research on different aspects of it. This is how it will be very easy, effective, and efficient.

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