MySQL Migration Toolkit

Today MySQL is one of the most popular option among open-source database management systems coming with free license. There are various reasons why administrators choose to go with MySQL as their desired database. MySQL is extremely flexible and powerful. It is also very easy to learn and use, as compared to other more complicated databases such as PostgreSQL and Oracle. If you are looking to migrate from another database environment to MySQL, a migration tool might ease the process.

The MySQL Migration Toolkit offered by Intelligent Converters is a robust solution that helps in these migrations. It offers the ability to migrate from practically any other database including SQL Server, MS Access, PostgreSQL, IBM DB2, Firebird, SQLite, and FoxPro.

The Migration Toolkit is extremely fast, being able to process over 20000 rows each second. Of course, this may vary on different hardware. However, the Toolkit is optimized to use low-level API which causes very little overhead. It even allows storing custom migration settings as well as automating database migrations.

The Toolkit works by creating a MySQL dump file against any of the databases you may use. This is beneficial as it does not directly edit the database. This is also effective if the two databases are in different locations and a remote connection is not possible. You may even choose to make changes in the dump file before importing the dump file onto your new MySQL database using a standard tool like phpMyAdmin.

  • A complete copy of table definitions including null checks, default values and other necessary attributes
  • In addition to the schema and data, it also migrates indexes, constraints and views
  • Customize data dump, including column headers and table types
  • Supports all versions of MySQL including MariaDB, Percona and SAAS platforms
  • Unicode support
  • Handy wizard-style graphical interfaces
  • Command line support allows to schedule the database migration

Important benefit of the MySQL Migration Toolkit compared to similar tools is lightweight list of dependencies and prerequisites as it rarely uses any middleware components. When it is used to migrate database from SQL Server or backward, the related tools require Microsoft SQL environment (server or client components of SQL Server must be installed). Of course, it is also required to have necessary to write into the target database.

The product is offered as a 1-year subscription, which includes the product and support. It is also updated regularly. Overall, it is an extremely reliable all-in-one solution to migrate databases to/from MySQL within just a few clicks of mouse buttons.



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