A Beginners Guide When Buying Ankle Brace in Singapore

To avoid serious injuries or at least lessen the severity of an injury, athletes must wear the appropriate protective safety gear for their sport. It is especially true for players who need to use their legs when on the field for sports like basketball, football, rugby, track and field and many more.

Since they use force to run and jump, they are more likely prone to ankle injuries. It is why it’s necessary to find a good ankle brace in Singapore.

Ankle braces can protect or immobilise the ankle, allowing for healing injuries and preventing new ones. For the duration of the healing process, like a compression arm sleeve, it holds the injured joint firmly in place while also compressing and heating the surrounding tissues.

Here’s more to help you before you buy one for yourself.

How does an ankle brace work?

The first thing you need to know about ankle braces is what they can do for your recovery. Like an ankle guard in Singapore, mounts reduce the occurrence of acute ankle injuries. It is critical to have these internal supports that connect your foot to your hip for optimal performance.

It keeps your ankle in a more neutral position since you have the proper support. To get the most out of ankle braces, they should fit snugly into the shoes you’ll be wearing while participating in an activity.

However, it’s important to remember that wearing an ankle brace isn’t an instant guarantee against injury. Determine whether or not wearing an ankle brace is appropriate for you by consulting with your doctor.

  • More of the advantages include:
  • Keep the ankle from rolling in any direction when you’re exercising.
  • Compression, stability, and warming of the ankle joint to help support it.
  • Enhancing real-time performance.
  • To keep an injury or damage from worsening.
  • The process of becoming more aware of the injured joint in the past.

How to choose the right ankle brace?


Until you precisely understand what you need, you’ll need to consider additional factors before buying an ankle brace in Singapore. With all the brands and fits you will see, you need to be careful when choosing one.

Check the size

A poorly-fitting ankle brace or one made of inappropriate material may cause discomfort. Review the sizing table before ordering when buying additional knee support in Singapore. You can most likely adjust most braces according to shoe size or ankle circumference.

Know your budget

When buying protective gear, you must know your budget. Price typically ranges because of the brand and the fabric they use. Consider investing in gears made from the best materials to ensure your fast recovery.

Ask about the material

An ankle brace in Singapore comes in materials like fabric and neoprene. Neoprene is a stretchy material that conforms to the body’s contours while also giving comfort and thermal insulation to keep the wearer comfortable and free of chronic pain.

However, wearing neoprene all day may be too hot due to its poor breathability. Because they are more breathable, fabrics and knits will keep your feet cooler than neoprene, which provides therapeutic warmth.

What are the types of ankle braces?


You will most likely see an ankle brace or guard in Singapore available in different types, but they are usually in the forms of:

Ankle support

They are similar to ankle sleeves, but they come in a supplementary strap system that offers extra protection. They’re great for injury prevention and recovery assistance, as they’re lightweight and easy to put on. Doctors typically advise this for people at risk of rolling their ankles and spraining them.

Ankle sleeves

Sleeves can provide primary protection and minimal compression like a compression arm sleeve. What’s ideal about them is that you can adjust them to fit different foot sizes. Arthritis and other injuries can benefit from support and pain reduction of the ankle sleeves.

Lace up

This type of ankle brace in Singapore shops has a shoelace design, offering optimum care since they are tighter. You will only be required to wear this type if your doctor advises it. This type is ideal for people who have strained or sprained an ankle or wrist.

When is it time to wear ankle braces?


The first sign that it’s time you buy an ankle brace in Singapore is when you feel discomfort when walking. Aside from this, pain, inflammation, and bruising are also signs that your ankle may need support.

It can also be for people who suffer from fractures, sprain, dislocation and strain. If left untreated for a long time, it may result in a severe and painful injury.

If you notice any of these symptoms, especially if they persist for more than a few days or are particularly severe, you should seek immediate medical attention.

Is it possible to tell which ankle brace is the best?

It can vary depending on your specific requirements. However, since you will find an ankle brace in Singapore online or in stores, you should know how to tell if you are buying the right one. Here’s what to ask yourself:

Do you feel comfortable?

In terms of comfort, it’s essential to choose an ankle brace that’s the right size and material. Check and make sure you feel good when wearing it since you will use it as you play.

Are you going to wear it every day?

Depending on your requirements, you can wear your ankle brace for a short time or an entire day. However, such as buying an ankle guard in Singapore, you need to ensure the frequency to test if what you are wearing applies to your needs.

How tight do you need it to be?

Your ankle brace should not be excessively loose or tight, even if you have to make multiple changes, but achieving the right fit is essential. Choose a support that is measured to your size to ensure its effectiveness and function.

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