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According to face readings, people with broad foreheads are intelligent and clever. They also are incredibly generous and lucky. But a broad forehead may also mean a receding hairline, which many try to hide with their bangs. But when the fringe fails, your best option is ahair growth serum in Singapore.

Waiting for the best hair growth serum to take effect is really tiring, but when you finally see new hair growth, you simply can’t stop being overjoyed.

But like tiny shoots from young saplings, the baby hair is still fragile and needs intricate care. This article will give you tips on how to ensure healthy and thick hair growth.

Tips For Ensuring Healthy And Thick Hair Growth

There are many reasons why people have thinning hair to the point that they go bald. Most of the time, it is a part of ageing, and sometimes, it could be a hormonal imbalance. Some go bald because of a medical condition, whilst others experience hair fall as a side effect of medical treatments.

Nevertheless,hair growth serum in Singapore is one of the possible answers for growing your hair back. And once it did, here’s how you should take care of it:

Solve scalp problems.

Scalp problems, such as dandruff, head lice, and psoriasis, can affect the healthy growth of your new hair. It is much better to solve these problems first.

You can look for the best dandruff shampoo that suits your scalp. If you have psoriasis, consult your doctor for lotion and scalp care shampoo recommendations. Rinsing your hair with a solution for head lice and nits can kill these critters and bloodsuckers.

Regularly washing and rinsing your hair removes oil buildup in your scalp, thus, reducing dandruff and other scalp irritation. Frequently wearing caps and beanies can also cause the oil and sweat to build up. Letting your hair breathe in the open reduces the incidence of dandruff.

Scalp massage.

According to a study in Japan, people who massage their scalp regularly have increased their hair thickness within 24 weeks.

It is not a secret that improving your blood circulation is really beneficial for the body. The organs and muscles receive adequate nutrients and oxygen supply, improving their function and promoting healing.

The act of massaging your scalp improves blood flow in the head. Blood flow is essential as it delivers nutrients to your scalp and follicles. Thus, the massage stimulates thick hair growth whilst using hair growth serum in Singapore.

Additionally, massaging your head also helps reduce stress. Remember, stress is also a risk factor for hair fall.

Avoid using heated appliances.

Like new shoots of saplings, your baby hair is still sensitive to extreme temperatures. As much as possible, avoid using heated hair straightening appliances, hair iron, and tongs.

It is safe to use these appliances when your hair is thick and a few inches longer. However, it is still better to use them occasionally.

When using a hair iron and tongs, make sure not to heat the hair for too long. You can also use heat protection products. Your hair can still be fragile at this point. Otherwise, usingthe best hair growth serumis useless if you damage your hair with these appliances.

Protect your hair from physical damage


Apart from using heated hair appliances, using hair extensions, dyeing, and weaves, can damage your new growth.

As much as possible, avoid getting hair treatments, especially if they are not long and thick enough after your use of hair growth serum in Singapore. Dyeing and bleaching can cause damage.

Additionally, avoid braiding your hair, especially the tight ones like cornrows. It can damage your hair and hurt your scalp. Regular hair trims and cuts are okay.

Avoid brushing your hair harshly; otherwise, you will pull out the new growth.

You can use a satin hair cap. Satin is a silky soft fabric. Wearing a satin hair cap whilst sleeping prevents hair breakage and fissures while lying down.

Take nutritional supplements

Apart from usinghair growth serum in Singapore, you can also take nutritional supplements. Supplements do not make your hair grow but rather supply your body with nutrients beneficial for hair growth.

What are these nutrients essential for hair growth? Your hair needs iron, vitamins B and D, zinc, omega-3, and biotin. People deficient in these nutrients likely have thin and slow hair growth. Taking these supplements helps solve this deficiency.

Just a quick reminder, always consult your doctor when taking supplements. They will evaluate if you are indeed deficient in these nutrients. They can also recommend safe supplements. You can also consult your doctor if you experience side effects from the supplements andhair growth serum in Singapore.

Don’t stress yourself out.

Stress has been linked as a risk factor for chronic diseases, and hair loss is not an exception. Stress hormones impair the cells in the hair follicles. When these cells have been impaired, the hair follicles are put in the resting mode and stop producing new hair growth. There is a situation where the follicles shrink. Particular hair loss cases cannot be solved with ahair growth serum from Singapore.

Stress is sometimes driven by a more chronic condition, such as anxiety and depression. People with depression need to seek a psychologist for therapies.

For work-related stress and others, relaxation techniques, such as meditation and breathing exercises: can help alleviate stress. Regular exercise and having a support system can also help reduce your stress.

Get Back Hair!

“Get Back Hair”is a hair product invented by Dr Doofenshmirtz in a children’s show called Phineas and Ferb. The product’s purpose is to help people to get their hair back.

These hair products do not exist in cartoons alone. A hair growth serum in Singapore that does a similar job is available in the market. It stimulates new hair growth, perfect for people experiencing hair loss.

But the real challenge is maintaining the healthy and thick growth of your hair. Applying these tips is the key.

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