The Basics Of Your Identity – A Name Change

A person’s identity is a reflection of that person’s whole life. It starts with when and where you were born. Your gender designation, the identity of your family, and, of course, your name are all established in your birth record. After that, you grow up. You go to school, you develop friendships and associations, and eventually pursue some type of work, career, or endeavor. These are all parts of your identity. You gather ID and Official records along the way, and that all reflects you and your identity.  A person’s name is a short coded version of that person. A name is everyone’s single biggest piece of identification in everyday life. When someone says your name, you come to mind.  

Name change, therefore, can have a big effect upon your identity. When a person changes names, it’s because some substantial part of that person’s life has changed or will be changing. Marriage, for instance, can come with a name change and represents a change of identity too. Being married, or not married, is an identity characteristic. Sometimes people take on a name that suits them in life, and that chosen name is then connected to that person’s identity even though it’s not their birth name. Someone can imagine themselves living a more spiritual, religious, adventurous, or culturally new life, and take on a name to match that aspiration. Some people prefer a name that better suits their gender identity than the one on their birth certificate. 

All of these identity changes can be made more completely with an appropriate change of name. To do that legally is something that requires a court order. It means changing your legal name. It is called identity name change because it is something that involves making a big change in your life. No matter if you are making a big change to your life and you want a new name that you can use to signify it or if you are looking to make a ‘nickname’ finally legal, you can do so by going to court. You have to go to court and get a Decree Changing Name in order to facilitate the process. 

Who Can Do It? 

Just about everyone is eligible to get their name changed. While it’s not an easy process, it can be done. That being said, some that have a criminal background might have difficulties changing their name legally. Along with this, if the changing of your name will cause someone injury, you will likely not be allowed to change it. The California Civil Code has sections 1275 to 1279.5 that detail rules on who is eligible to petition for Change of Name. Those that want to know more about this can look there for more eligibility details. 

Your Identity Name Change – What Exactly Do I Have To Do? 

There are four specific things you need to do in order to get your identity name change completed. These things will take some time and it will require resources. Below, we will list the things you must do. 

  1. Complete a Petition for Change of Name and prepare it for submission.
  2. Submit your Petition, arrange required public notice, and attend your hearing, if required.
  3. On approval, you will need to acquire a certified copy of your Court Order Decree Name Change
  4. Hand in your Certified Copy in order to apply for a new Social Security Card and other vital documents including but not limited to your Driver’s License and Passport with your new legal name.

How Long Does It Take?

Believe it or not, but it will only take you around 10 minutes to complete our questionnaire. We developed this questionnaire in order to collect only the necessary petition information that is required by your respective County Superior Court. Once you file, it is going to take anywhere from 6 to 12 weeks to get your hearing date and to acquire your certified copy of the Decree Changing Name. It is going to take 3 to 6 months, working slowly without stress, to acquire all of the official records that feature your new legal name. 

The EZ Name Change website is loaded with additional information about the legal name change process. Go there any time. You can use the Start Now button 24/7. 10 minutes can be life changing!

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