Pros and Cons of a Masticating Juicer Machine

Most people tend to have poor time management, especially when preparing routine fruits and vegetables as recommended. With this, diet deficiency cases are on the rise, hence the need for a juice extractor in the kitchen. The process is quite straightforward as fruits and vegetables are squeezed rigorously with the intent of extracting necessary nutrients crucial to body health. For a Hurom masticating juicer machine, here are its pros and cons to learn about and include the best juice in the kitchen.


Slow Juicing

Typically, a masticating juicer uses an auger that grinds and disintegrates the pulp for enhanced juice extraction. The flesh then moves downwards, where immense pressure is exerted to extract the juice. Results include dry pulp and juice with a reduced amount of air to prevent oxidation. Notably, the process is simple, quiet, and suitable for leafy vegetables. Besides, the slow juicing process allows for the complete extraction of the juice from the pulp. Such an approach ensures the pulp is squeezed thoroughly and improved juice removal.

Finest Juice

The juice extracted is often pure with no contamination more so when the juicing machine is well-cleaned. Besides, it is low on air, minimizes oxidation risks, and can stay for long without getting spoilt. Regardless of how long it is stored in the fridge, it can last for days while remaining fresh. This method allows for quality juice concentrated with the nutrients necessary for the body. The slow extraction process allows for thorough squeezing of the pulp for maximum quality juice.

Reduced Noise Level

Unlike centrifugal machines, a Hurom masticating juicer is soundless as it operates slower and uses pressure in extracting juice from either fruits or vegetables. The process is efficient and rarely produces any heat or annoying sounds. Besides, it is essential when looking to extract quality juice without making a sound. This is an excellent benefit as users tend to get quality juice from kitchen appliances with no sound. It is, therefore, suitable for individuals who avoid noises produced by centrifugal machines.


Slower Than Centrifugal Machines

Though masticating juicers produce better quality and more juice without sound, they are slow. This is the primary reason most people find centrifugal machines appealing when compared to masticating juicers. These juice extraction machines are intrinsically for patient individuals looking for quality and more juice from fruits and vegetables. Irrespective of its slow nature, the juice extracted is often concentrated and rich in necessary nutrients.


Masticating juicers are effective and extract the best juice, especially from leafy vegetables. This makes them stand out from centrifugal machines. For this reason, they are much more expensive but substituted by their superior extraction process. Yet, there is the benefit of saving high costs of purchasing produce frequently while balancing body nutrients.

Getting a masticating juicing machine is a great relief to extract the needed nutrients from fruits and vegetables. Learning its pros and cons is essential to familiarize with what to expect when using it. That said, this guide provides insights on the advantages and disadvantages of Hurom masticating juicing machines.

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