How To Take Care Of Your Rose Bouquet In Singapore

Why do people give flowers? People hand a rose bouquet from Singapore to their significant others to express their love. Some send condolence flowers to provide comfort to grieving families. Others purchase random bouquets from an online florist to be brought home and decorate their space.

But unlike potted plants and flowers that can live for weeks, months, and years as they are provided with their needs, such as soil and sunlight, bouquets wilt in just a few days and dry up in a week.

Don’t worry; there are ways you can extend the longevity of your bouquets and enjoy their beauty for many days. This article will discuss tips on how to take care of bouquets from an online florist in Singapore.


5 Tips For Extending The Life Of Your Rose Bouquet In Singapore

When people receive flowers, whether roses or condolence flowers in Singapore, they usually put them in a vase or jar filled with water. But is it enough? Did you know that there are other things you need to do more than placing them in a vase?

1. Use a clean and appropriately sized vase.

If you are changing the dry flowers with new ones from the same day flower delivery service in Singapore, make sure to clean the vase.

It is not enough to throw the water away. Mould and mildew grow inside the vase due to stagnant water. Make sure to clean the vase thoroughly with a soft cloth or sponge, water, and gentle soap.

Washing the vase kills the bacteria and mould. Otherwise, remnants of them make your new flower wilt faster.

Additionally, use an appropriately sized vase. If your rose bouquet in Singapore has thick stems and foliage, put the flowers in a vase with a wider mouth. Make sure the mouth does not choke the stems.

Moreover, avoid a thinner flower bouquet in a vase with a wide mouth. It is also better to use a vase or jar with a height appropriate to the length of the flowers.

2. Trim the stems carefully.

It is advisable to trim the stems at least two centimetres from the bottom. Make sure it is at a 45-degree angle. Cutting the stem prevents congestion, and flowers can absorb water better when they have their stems trimmed.

It is better to use a shear when trimming the stems. If you don’t have shears, you can ask your online florist in Singapore to cut them for you before delivery.

3. Fill the vase with water.

Fill the vase with an adequate amount of water. Warm and cold water have different effects on your rose bouquet in Singapore.

Lukewarm water accelerates the bloom of the flowers; it is perfect for still budding roses.

But if your roses are in full blossoms, it is better to use cold water. Coldwater extends the life of the flowers.

When it comes to the water level, keep the waterline just below the flower head. The water must cover the entire stem. Trim the foliage when submerging your roses in the water. Leaves encourage mould growth. Leaves also share nutrients with the blooms.

Water levels also depend on the kind of stem. Woody stems should have their vases filled with 2/3s of water. Cutting the leaves is advisable.

Flowers with soft stems should have a half-full vase.

It is advisable to keep the water clean by changing daily. However, if you are using flower food from your online florist in Singapore or homemade ones, such as drops of bleach and sugar, add water instead of changing them.

4. Keep your flowers away from sunlight.

Flowers indeed need sunlight to live, but direct sunlight is a no-no. Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight wilts your roses faster. It is better to place them in a spot with indirect sunlight. Keeping them in a place with room temperature is also ideal. Cooler conditions make flowers last longer.

If you are putting your flowers in the middle of the dining table, make sure there are no fruits around. The gas fruits release wilt roses faster.

Furthermore, avoid smoking near the flowers. The smoke speeds up the drying up of your rose bouquet in Singapore.

5. Trim your flowers.

Don’t let dry and wilting flowers and leaves stay with the fresh flowers. As much as possible, trim dead leaves and flowers immediately. Roses have guard petals or discoloured outer petals. Their purpose is to protect the inner petals. Remove the guard petals gently.

Dead leaves and flowers make your flowers unattractive. It is better to trim dead leaves and pull the entire stem of wilted flowers off the vase completely.

You can ask your online florist in Singapore for tips for trimming your flowers safely.

Taking care of your flowers at home is easy! It has tons of benefits as well!


Benefits Of Having Flowers At Home

Touch of nature.

For people who want a touch of nature or to be closer to nature, having a flower in a vase is the right thing to do.

It brings a sense of being outdoors, especially if you live in a matchbox apartment in the middle of the concrete jungle.

Flowers improve the mood.

The shape, colours, and smell of flowers help alleviate the stress and lift people’s moods. Some people claim that certain flowers, including lavenders, improve sleep quality.

Do you have insomnia? Ask your online florist in Singapore if they have lavenders. Maybe these flowers can help!

Flowers boost creativity.

The vibrant colours of flowers help spark creativity in people. It is why some people have flowers on their office desks to keep inspiration and ideas flowing.

You can look for same day flower delivery services in Singapore that offer flowers and succulents for tables.

Stress relievers.

Like gardening, arranging and taking care of your rose bouquet in Singapore is a great stress reliever! People feel rewarded and satisfied when they see their flowers bloom!


Flowers bring colours to our lives! It is nice to have flowers to look at home. They are easy to take care of as well! Contact your online florist in Singapore for flowers today!

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