How to make your website more attractive or interactive?

Your website should be great at making first impressions. You only get 1/10th of a second to generate the first impression on the user who has come to your website. Thus, you must make this time count. Check out web design Malaysia for all your website designing needs. Check out these ways to enhance the look of your website and make it look more appealing:

Add a live chat option.

This is especially important in case you have an eCommerce website. Having a live chat button on your website can help your customers easily interact and resolve their queries without jumping through hoops. This will not only impress your clientele; it will also drastically improve the brand’s visibility.

Add videos

According to surveys, it has been observed that websites that feature videos on their homepage received more user engagement. For the video, you can reach out to your marketing team. Have them create a high-definition video explaining what your business is all about, who you are, and what your purpose is. When the audience interacts with the video, it improves your brand visibility and allows the brand identity to get imprinted on the mind of your customers.

Responsive designs

According to studies, most people access websites via their mobile devices. Therefore, having a responsive design is crucial. A responsive design would make sure that your website is able to resize the screen depending on the device being used for viewing. If you do not involve responsive designs, your customers will not interact with the website properly when they are using their mobile or tablet devices to access the site. This will reduce your brand visibility, user-friendliness, and even search rankings. Contact web design Kuala Lumpur for all your website design needs and requirements.

Pay attention to customer feedback.

The best way of understanding what the customer wants is to ask them. Have a feedback option on your website that collects the feedback of the customers and anyone who visits your website. Understanding and implementing what the customer wants from you can allow your website to grow and help convert the audience into customers.

Limit call to action

You must not overwhelm your visitors by repeatedly asking them to subscribe to your blog or opt for the newsletters etc. Make sure that you have the call-to-action option in a section that does not limit the website’s visibility but is easily accessible to the audience. Make sure that it is placed at a section that is seen but not imposing.


Mobile friendliness is a crucial factor if you wish for your website to rank high in search results and retain customers’ attention span. With tablets and smartphones increasing in popularity, having a mobile-friendly website is crucial. You can check the mobile friendliness of your website by checking the link through Google’s mobile-friendly test. The page loading times in the case of mobile can be reduced by using image sizes that are specifically meant for websites.

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