Full house poker rough overview

Full house is hand combination in poker, which is ranked as the fourth highest. The chances of getting the other top four are very low and this is the circumstances that will have to be in player’s favor before the top hands can be constructed. There are 2.6 million poker hands that can be constructed out of 52 cards deck.

So, the odds of getting the top ones are virtually limited and equal to less than 0.16%. Full house in the other hand has better chances of being constructed, so players always consider to get it in an optimistic scenario, particularly when getting a pair of cards of same rank in the beginning.

The card combination, valuation and variations

Full house poker is about getting three cards of the same rank and two more cards of the same rank. It means that it is ranked as fourth best hand that can be constructed. The combination may include any cards as far as 3+2 is made. The following valuation may apply if players have the same hand:

If other players also have full house, then the highest three of a kind will be considered.

If three of a kind is the same, then it is looked who has a better pair.

If it also stays the same, the pot is split.

It is particularly applicable to cases and variations when there are more than 52 cards in the deck. Even when players use standard deck, the chances of getting full house are pretty high for any player at the table.

Probability of getting full house

Full house poker is highly likely to be constructed. In fact, the actual chances of getting the hand are equal to 2.60%, which makes it a highly desirable combination. It is also depended on frequency of the game and its variation but statistically and mathematically, the stated probability is absolutely accurate. Here are the chances of getting the other hands:

Royal flash has the probability of 0.00015%.

Straight flush may appear with probability of 0.0279%.

Four of a kind showcases probability of 0.168%.

Flush offers the chances of being constructed that are equal to 3.03%.

It means that Flush is lower than full house but the chances of getting it differ slightly: 2.60% to 3.03%, whereas higher value hands have much fewer probability of getting it.

Combinations that can be beaten

Full house can beat any other combination of a full house if a player has three of kind higher than the opponent and in case if it is the same, a pair has to be higher. The other six hands with lower value will be beaten in principle. It can be defined as follows:



Three of kind;

Two pair;

One pair;

High card.

Full house poker requires careful consideration of cards that go out and estimate of true chances. Although this is easier to be constructed than the other four higher ranked hands, it is still difficult and alternative strategy will have to be beard in mind. It is usually considered by players when community cards are dealt and a pair of the same ranked cards is already in person’s hands.

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