Custom Company Shirts – An Simple But Effective Marketing Tool 

T-shirts are more than just for clothing or fashion statements. Businesses and organisations can use t-shirts to their advantage, even the smallest company would need a t-shirt. Custom company shirts can go far to help your marketing and promotion be successful.

Marketing plays a significant role in many businesses gaining more attention and following. Whether it’s a bold display or a simple and minimalistic style, displaying your designs and logos can give you an edge in the competition. Making sure that your company printed shirts on the marketing checklist is something to be considered.

Brands & Custom T-Shirts

Custom branding is a thing nowadays. The more people recognise your brand, the more attention and opportunities you make to win more prospective clients. Branding is essential to your marketing, regardless if your enterprise is starting up or expanding. Having a decent company printed t shirts with your brand logo on them can help pass the information about your company or business.

Your brand can spark conversations, and even a random person may compel to ask about your company, which is a win for many startups. The shirt your employees wear can provide a marketing nudge for your services or products, even off-working hours. An active way to create brand awareness and marketing will help put your brand in the spotlight wherever and whenever you go.

For Marketing Strategy

Creating a well-designed t-shirt is a cost-effective marketing tool for your brand without the need to pay for expensive TV and billboard ads. What can be a better way to market your brand in an affordable way aside from digital marketing? Opting for a simple tee shirt printing in Singapore can be a long mile to flaunt your brand logo everywhere inside and outside your workplace.

Aside from being something that employees would wear, you can also use tee shirts as a gift to your customers when they make an enormous purchase. You can also use it as a freebie for loyal clients, and the fact they can wear your brand is a win-win strategy for cost-effective active marketing.

Designing A Company T Shirt Design That Works

As we see, using company printed t shirts can help spread information about your brand and

business. It also does help create a relationship between your company and customers. However, one question remains, how does one generate an effective company shirt design that actually works?

Here are a few t-shirt design tips to consider:

Think about matching colours

For an effective company printed t shirts, we must consider the visual aspects of it. An enticing and captivating t shirt is the designs that are pleasing, and the colours you choose should have a significant impact. Look for colour schemes that will complement and work best with your company logo.

Make the design simple and clean

The simpler it is, the better it gets. It often works because viewers tend to focus more on the brand and its message rather than the unnecessary details that eat a lot of space.

Know where to put the logo

The position of your brand logo matters a lot. Make sure that it easily stands where you can see the logo well enough. You can embroider the logo on the left chest and the name on the right. The provider of tee shirt printing in Singapore will handle all the printing matters, so it’s crucial that you put the layout needed.

Choose a simple but effective message

Your message can be either written or by visual cues, such as vectors. Make sure your message is straight on point with clarity. A simple but strong message helps build a sense of trust and provides the information they need to know more about your brand.

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