Business Beneficiaries of Lockdown and 2020

The globe has been affected by the Coronavirus pandemic in 2020 and which has changed the way we look at the world forever, however it’s the economy and business that has been affected mainly with many businesses shutting up shop for good due to not being able to keep a float through the midst of the lockdown. However, there has been some certain sectors that have benefitted from the lockdown and we delve into them a little bit deeper.

Description: Starting a Business During the Coronavirus Lockdown
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One of the main industries that have benefitted from the lockdown has been e-commerce marketplaces, mainly Amazon who has seen surges in orders and have therefore had to employee further staff at their warehouses and delivery drivers to enable them to cope with the demand. The main factor to this is that many consumers have been locked indoors and struggling to get outside so was easier for many to do their shopping online and get delivered during a time of uncertainty and scaremongering due to the virus.

Amazon haven’t been the only online business beneficiary to the lockdown with online streaming services like Netflix and Disney+ seeing a surge in numbers also in 2020. Experts are mainly putting this down too many being unable to compete in their usual hobbies like five-a-side football and have therefore found themselves stuck indoors looking for entertainment and streaming services have therefore benefitted from these.

Another online service that have also been benefitting during 2020 is that of online gambling services at casinosnotongamstop.org. This again is the same factors as streaming services with many attempting to find alternative ways to entertain themselves during the lockdown period. These casinos have particularly benefitted due to them having some of the best quality casinos on the web alongside sign up benefits for new customers which has enticed many in.

 Furthermore, another benefit has been that of live video calling sites and apps especially Zoom due to the working from home craze. Due to many businesses having to close offices, many have had to work from home and therefore have had to have virtual meetings via Zoom to ensure that business can continue. They have certainly been successful as there is now talk that office life might have changed forever due to virtual meetings being a success. Moreover, Zoom has been used for families to be able to catch up with their loved ones who they haven’t seen in months and have been used as a weekly way for families to get together virtually.

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