How An Audiologist in Singapore Helped Me

My First Hearing Test

I’ve always been hard of hearing. While it’s posed some inconveniences in my life, I did learn to adjust it with the help of friends and family. However, one day my child contacted me and said she wanted to help me cope with my hearing issues better. She said that good hearing plays a huge part in the quality of my life and that I should take advantage of the available resources we have today to improve my hearing. Finally, she sent me an online hearing test and told me to try it.

Of course, I couldn’t say no to my daughter, so I decided to entertain her suggestion. The online hearing test started with simple questions. For example, it asked me if I had difficulty deciphering speech on the telephone or TV, and I answered yes. After a few questions, it asked me to put on earphones and start adjusting the volume until I could comfortably hear the sounds they were playing. As I took the test, I realised that I did need help.

The Official Diagnosis

I went to an audiologist in Singapore for an official diagnosis and to learn my options. His first suggestion to me was to get hearing aids. They had always intrigued me, so I had to ask him, “how do hearing aids work?” Thankfully, he was patient with my questions. As it turns out, hearing aids don’t do anything to your eardrum like I initially thought. It worked more like an amplifier instead. It has a microphone that picks up sounds and sends them to the amplifier. The amplifier increases the power of this sound and sends it to the speaker, allowing the wearer to hear everything better.

The audiologist in Singapore gave me a hearing aid and some additional tips on how to cope better with my hearing. For example, I could learn sign language and lip-reading. I could also join communities of deaf and hard-of-hearing people to be with a community of people who understand what I’m going through.

Dealing With Deafness Today

Now, I’m coping a lot easier with my deafness. I got the best hearing aid in Singapore that suits me most because I got it made with my specific type of deafness in mind. I use it daily by listening to music, conversing with people, and asking my loved ones to read aloud. I don’t practise for the sake of the hearing aid – instead, I practise using my brain and helping it get used to picking up the new sounds that the hearing aid amplifies.

Do you need the best hearing aid in Singapore? The people in The Hearing Solution Group have dedicated themselves to improving the lives of all deaf and hard-of-hearing people. Take an online hearing test to know how good your hearing is, learn all about hearing and how hearing aids work, and browse through their selection of hearing aids – or ask if you could get a custom-made one. Learn about hearing aids and consult with an audiologist today by visiting the website below.

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