Elon Musk Tweets on Tesla Stocks

Tesla is a very famous car manufacturing company. It not only manufactures cars which run on diesel and petrol but since the past few years it also started manufacturing cars which run on battery and electricity. Tesla is a big name not just in car manufacturing but also in the stock market. Since when it started the manufacturing of electric cars, the share price of this company also became very strong.

Thus the entry of Tesla in the manufacturing of electric cars gave it a new height which it deserves too. In this all the Role of its CEO, MR Elon Musk is Very important. But there is also some controversy connected with Musk also. At one place he did a wonderful job in giving the company a new recognition but at the same time, his careless use of social media made some big financial loss for the company. Let’s know all about this event.

Just like all the celebs and business owners, the CEO of TSLA Stock, MR Musk is also on Twitter. He keeps posting the stuff related to the company but sometimes, this all activity of him proves to be very harmful to the company.

In one recent tweet, Musk tweeted something like “Tesla stock price is too high.”  This created a storm in the stock market and many of the shareholders and buyers of the company gots worried about it. It was also reported that just after 30 minutes of this tweet, the share price of the company reduced by 12% and with this all nonsense created, the company had to face a very huge loss of $14 Billion. This is a very big amount. After this event, the news and talk of the Dismissal of Musk were also in the air, but nothing like this happened.

When the company asked him about his tweet, many of the excuses from Musk’s side were given. One of the very funny excuses he made was about the hacking of his Twitter account. Though he did not accept it ever, many of the reports agreed on that due to the frequent ups and downs of the Tesla stock Price, Musk was in frustration and due to that frustration, he posted that Tweet.

However, it was not the first time he created a mess with his Twitter handle. Before this tweet, he also did many such deeds again and again. One of the latest tweets which created great issues was related to the Coronavirus. Hope in future we will not listen and read any of such things again from his side. You can get other information such as cash flow at

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