4 Methods to Fight Against Social Inequality in Singapore

People see Singapore as a prosperous nation. The country has emerged as one of the most progressive countries in the world in just five years. It is the least risky country to invest in and has one of the highest standards of living. However, you will still see social and economic inequality among the population in Singapore. Here are some methods you can adopt to help fight poverty and inequality in society.

#1 Fight Against Global Hunger

11% of the population suffers from hunger. The poor have restricted access to health education, medical treatments, and other services, leading to hunger, malnutrition and illness. A multifaceted approach is needed to help end hunger. It includes implementing initiatives that connect with the many agents of food security around Singapore while also engaging in policy discussions that shape future programmes.

#2 Pursue Employment Rights

Over 300 million employees were living in severe urban poverty in 2017 alone. Worker fairness is both excellent public policy and good corporate practice. A fair workplace must provide unfettered access to comprehensive, unbiased information on workers’ rights. Support trade unions that seek equitable treatment from public and private businesses, employees and their families.

#3 Advocate for Workplace Diversity

Many individuals living in urban poverty have at least one family member with a disability. No one should feel discriminated against due to gender, race, religion, handicap, political beliefs, sexual orientation, or nationality. Unfortunately, human rights breaches are still widespread, particularly in developing countries. Diversification may boost productivity, foster creativity, improve risk management, enhance customer and business partner satisfaction, and open the door to or preserve business prospects.

#4 Share Your Time & Expertise

You can make a difference in the life of others and combat a systematic, core cause of social inequality in Singapore by contributing a few hours of your time. Ensure you understand the organisation, its cause and what it is attempting to accomplish before engaging. Local activist organisations and organisers frequently have open meetings and welcome new members. Making relationships with other individuals who share your interests is a fantastic concept.

The Best of You is a non-profit organisation that strives to eradicate social and economic inequalities in the country. They also aim to solve the challenges that less fortunate groups confront. Most of its members discuss their experiences, volunteer organisations, and opportunities around Singapore through their website. The Best of You encourages people all over the island to share their experiences to inspire others to stand up against social injustice. Visit their website to learn more information about the group and volunteerism.


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