What should Data Science Course in Hyderabad Professionals Do for Getting Hired

It has already been announced that data science is going to be the hottest career choice in the twenty-first century. If you are recognized in your area of specialization, it can end up making you a lot more valuable not only in your current job, but also more marketable when you go out looking for a different job. However, even though a lot of people have packed themselves up with all the arsenal and the required skill sets, they are not being able to make their mark to getting hired in the role of a data scientist. This usually happens due to the lack in visibility and not enough exposure in the job market.

Work on your LinkedIn profile

Make sure to make updates to your LinkedIn status on a daily basis to get more visibility from the recruiters. Make sure that you have filled out the summary section. Also, be sure to have uploaded a good picture. Also update your location. Ensure that you have included the details about your education and included the industry of your expertise. Always list the position you are working at. And lastly, do not forget to add exact details about your skills in data science.

Create a strong network base

You should be engaging with and joining some credible associations and groups in your field related to data science training in Hyderabad. This can end up being a very good source for you to get referrals and to get in touch with the hiring managers once a job gets posted. Be on the look out for mentors. Look for someone in your area of interest who is willing to provide mentorship and to guide you in your journey into the field of analytics and data science. Put yourself out there in the local community of your industry.

Increase your social media presence.

Work towards managing and optimizing your presence on social media using your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other such platforms and promote yourself. Nowadays, recruiters use all kinds of platforms to judge what potential candidates look like.  Create your portfolio around data science as it shows that you can perform the duties that the employers want to hire you for. It also works as the perfect substitute to fill in for the job experience if you are lacking it.

Engage in all the professional activities

Put your focus on some area specific to data science for some time. Get into publishing blog posts and different related codes on it. It will demonstrate that you can do much larger and projects with a structure on your own. It will have a lot more impact than uploading all the small pieces of code that you may write too.

Create your profile on job portals specific to your industry

Start searching for data science specific job titles on search databases. You may register on all of the available targeted online job portals like LinkedIn or Glassdoor or Monster jobs, and such other portals. Look specifically for the ones that advertise jobs for data science.

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So, hopefully you will find these tips useful in your quest for a data science job. However, you will need to pick the skills for the job before you start applying for them. Sign up for a good data science course in Hyderabad and start on the right foot.

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