Top Foods to Help with Shedding 

Are you tired of your dog shedding continuously? Have you tried different options and still don’t know what to do? It would be best to consider feeding your dog a diet rich in essential fatty acids, omega-6 and omega-3s. In addition, the diet should also be rich in minerals and vitamins. Sadly., most commercial foods, especially kibbles, do not contain these ingredients. 

Does Kibble Contribute to Shedding?

Unfortunately, yes. Feeding your dog kibble every time may be the reason for its constant shedding. Note that proper nutrition and grooming all play a significant role in the dog’s skin and coat. Once you realize your dog sheds a lot, your first check should be the diet. 

So What Will Help?

Simple, raw pet food. Make sure to transition to fresh raw food for your pup and watch as its coat transforms. This kind of food is even very easy to feed your pup.

But even before you reach out to Houston raw Pet Food for a pack of raw dog meals, you may want to understand why you should do so. Why is kibble not good for your dog’s skin?

It has Ingredients that Dry Out the Skin

Most of these foods contain corn and other related fillers. Unfortunately, corn dries the dog’s skin and causes serious damage. The damage is even more severe for dogs with sensitive skin. These are more susceptible to dry skin and easily break and tear, causing hair loss.

They lead to Unhealthy Coats

Most commercial dog foods are empty in terms of nutrients. As a result, they lack essential nutrients to support the dog’s skin and coat, which leads to unhealthy coats. Unfortunately, the unhealthy coat leads to brittle hair, which triggers more shedding. Therefore, feeding your dog healthy food options that support a healthy coat will lessen the fur you have to collect around the house since the shedding will reduce immediately.

It Leads to Allergic Reactions

Most of the fillers that are found in commercial dog foods trigger dog allergies. This means that they tend to trigger more shedding. So naturally, a dog shedding its fur is a way of signifying a problem with skin health. So pay attention to this and adjust the dog’s diet for improvement.

What You Should Feed your Dog when It Itches

Sometimes an unhealthy coat leads to itchiness. This is uncomfortable for the dog and can even breed infection. To ensure your dog does not itch, ensure their diet is balanced and contains proteins, vitamins, fatty acids, and minerals. If you can, consider feeding raw diets because they tend to have all these.

 Be careful about the foods you give your dog. After all, it is easy to feed your dog raw food. You can consider a DIY diet or consider buying commercial raw foods. 

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