The Different Airsoft Guns As Per the Requirement

The M4 is the most popular replica. In addition to having a nice mouth tacticool (still my mouth, it goes with my beard!) It is especially handy. The imba thing is that we find on the barrel a rail RIS handguard with 4 additional rails to install options like a tactical corner handle, a lamp, a laser or a gun sight at the end of the barrel. The M16 is close to the M4, but it is longer and more bulky.

The M4 is more dedicated to a GQB urban environment. These two models can be upgraded both externally and internally. This replica is widespread, convenient to find parts, you will also find it against all the grounds, it will have to be cunning, or put the hand to the wallet to be original and stand out. A visit to https://www.wrc2extreme.com/ makes things perfect now.

Sub Carbine manufactured by Jing Gong

The G36 is a replica inspired by the assault rifle of the same name designed by the company Heckler & Koch, for the Bundeswehr. This replica has the particularity of being very close to the real model, because they have in common almost the same manufacturing materials, polymer and steel. The original and its copy have almost the same weight, around 2.5kg. They both enjoy exemplary reliability. Like the M4 the G36 has a ± 22mm rail on the upper and lower parts of the handguard. Big advantages: the stock folds (practical for carrying in backpack) and the shooting selector is ambidextrous. Just like on the real model, it is possible to couple 2 chargers. Internal and external upgrade possible. The g36 has a range suitable for large terrains, it remains versatile because short enough to be used in CQB.

AK replicas


The original AK model is very common on Earth. It is often used by militias or malicious people. Even if here we speak of airsoft, I have the impression that it can enjoy a rather negative notoriety. Often on entry-level replicas, wood-filler parts can be quite unsightly. However, they are often lighter than the M4 and G36 and very realistic. The chargers are very big and can hold 500 balls! Often the sights of an AK are more rudimentary and therefore less easy to use. We can note the absence of Picatinny rail or RIS and therefore the absence of accessories. There are still tactical versions of the AK. Attention, little external upgrade.

Internal upgrades possible

MP5 replicas

The MP5 is a replica inspired by the original model of HK. It is quite compact is very suitable for playing in confined area, urban CQB. They are also reliable and accessible models. This is a very popular replica, it inspires the roleplayer because it is used by Navy and GIGN. Attention, it does not offer as many external upgrade options as the type M4 / M16, no worries for the internal. It is renowned for its maneuverability, size and original look.For real guns, handguns and assault rifles, hunting rifles such as,AR-10 rifles, their accessories, ammo and support tactical equipment visit www.palmettostatearmory.com

Which models to avoid?

It’s the same when you start a sport or play music, there is high-end equipment or very specialized. High-end why not if you have money to throw out the window, the risk is to fall on a replica that does not suit you or who will stay in a closet after your first game because in the end, you do not like airsoft. Very specialized? How can you know what is your gameplay without playing? Some replicas require a very special gameplay, this is the case of Bolt sniper. Playing sniper beginner is like doing a tennis match against Djokovic with a beach racket and flip flops too small.

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