Everyone deserves a safe and quiet driving experience. Your car is one of the most important things to you. That is why UAE has one of the most healthy car tire brands across not just the continent but beyond the seas.

When we walk into a tire shop, we expect the highest of confidence and reliability of customers to be of standard quality as well as services rendered.

Sumitomo has over the years, built a reputation of possessing world class engineering techniques in order to reach the heights of modern day markets.

The technology of automobiles keeps growing and the company has imbibed a futuristic approach in manufacturing their products. This has however, actualized better driving experiences for customers world-wide.

Sumitomo Tyres a perfect for all terrains

Sumitomo has the ability to perform excellently in any of the natural and man-made surfaces with all the strength, power and precision needed for maximum comfort and efficiency. With the innovation  and ideas applied by Sumitomo, icey roads, muddy roads, dirt roads, race tracks, and steep terrains are safe for driving.


Despite its affordability and adversity, Sumitomo tire brands are long lasting for bargain. The company has been able to maintain a high level of quality products used in manufacturing, fittings and maintenance. These are very accessible with just a click away. Dubai Tyre Shop is your next stop shop for experiencing top notch services that will make you come back for more.

Great deals are at your disposal as well as you rummage through the web pages. You will find an excellent array of the perfect tire and tire fittings for you new car so your driving experience will be upgraded.


Sumitomo  tyre variants are known for their capability in withstanding cold weather and harsh environmental conditions. They also have made a significant change in shaking up the evolving tire industry with latest inventions for the race tracks appearing in a handful of racing competitions because of their  endurance ability.


Sumitomo tires comes in two subtypes which are Passenger tires and Commercial tires built for all-season experience and engineered for SEDANS and CUVs. The latter possesses the required specifications to handle heavy load bearings. These varieties comes with dry handling, quiet motion, good cornering and swerving and also excellent brake traction. There is also room for the winter season tires that can perform well brake traction in rainy, slippery and icy surfaces.



HTR Enhance L/X

HTR Enhance C/X

HTR 200


HTR Sport H/P


Encounter HT


Sumitomo tires can be found at Dubai Tyre Shops where customers are been treated to top notch services in both information and purchase of the wide range of varieties.  Sumitomo tires for sale at Dubaityreshop will offer you a sound information on the right size, dimensions and fittings for customers to have a clearer knowledge of the perfect tire for their vehicles.

To get cheap tyres UAE, call on one of the help lines to inquire for more information for fitting services today; +971 5562 69517, +971 54420 4322.

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