Sports Betting and the Smartest Choices

Bookmaker betting is a business like any other. And this also means that the companies that deal with it are also created by people, so de-personification of bookmakers ‘companies is a very bad idea if we plan to start playing (or play) on 안전 놀이터 bookmakers’ bets, because thinking of the bookmaker as a machine, we get into a stereotype that “he will offer bets with a certain pattern” which is usually simply not true.

Let’s start with this – who works at the bookmaker?

Working at a bookmaker is not an easy piece of bread. Sports analysts have to sit over sports meetings day by day, marketers are still under time pressure to come up with and design new slogans and graphics etcah. We will not bore you any further, because you know everyone has their own job and does not want to hear what the other person has to do, because they only get tired themselves. Let’s go back to the correct conversation path. As mentioned above, sports analysts, marketers, presenters (ETOTO bookmaker comes to mind here), stationary employees (honestly? It’s strange that after so many years there is still no “general” name for them, different from the usual one “bookmaker”) and many many others. Interestingly, most of them often have close relationships with the sport they deal with, for example, once they trained it, or “addictively” watch matches let’s give it football.

Divide “i.e. divide and rule” in the bookmaker’s edition

“Good, good, but what and where do we share here and what government, in general, what are you writing for us here” – Relax, we are already explaining. Bookmakers and bookmakers are nothing but opposing sites, one trying to outplay the other, while he far, beyond the possibilities of “ordinary mortals” (and rank-and-file bookmakers), the owners of these companies sit and use this old rule to just earn millions by “entertaining other people.” So on bookmakers of course.

And what does the bookmaker think about his tipsters?

In fact, if betting companies focused on individual tipsters, they would never achieve their success on such a scale (the turnover from betting in 2017 alone was about dollars 400 million. This is mainly done by people responsible for PR and analysts. In addition, of course, legitimate bookmakers are keeping their finger on the pulse, and if an outstanding tipster appears on the horizon, it will be cheaper to hire him than let him win one bet after another, isn’t it?

Of course, such a player will not always agree to this, because betting on betting it can only be his extra activities, not a “dream job”, can it?

To sum up – what does the bookmaker think about his players?

First of all, we have to remember that this is a gambling industry (and partly a service one), that’s why bookmakers can’t really take any step towards getting to know their players’ private life without upsetting their clients.


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