Reasons Why Your Server Room Needs Professional Cleaning

The server room is one of the most critical components of every business. Both employees and customers rely on its performance 24/7, 365 days a year. Server rooms can be small rooms within the organization or large expansive and offsite buildings commonly referred to as data centers.

Regardless of its size, your server room is a crucial element for your business that can determine your success or failure. Every server room requires specialized professional cleaning to keep it clean and safe. A clean and well-maintained server room minimizes downtimes and other problems that could be costly in the long run.

In this post, we discuss some of the top benefits of hiring a commercial cleaning service to clean your server room and ensure everything is well organized. Read on to discover more. 


  • Regular cleaning reduces downtime


When your server room equipment can’t cool down properly, your business can experience significant downtimes and unexpected delays. Every business owner knows that downtimes and constant delays can be quite costly in the long run.

Research shows that data center downtime costs businesses an average of $15,600 per minute in lost revenue, productivity, and unplanned repairs. Fortunately, regular cleaning can help reduce downtimes significantly.

Keep in mind that regular cleaning improves server room equipment efficiency and performance, improves equipment life cycle, and helps technicians detect critical issues before they happen.

If you find it hard to keep up with regular in-house cleaning of your server room, consider hiring a commercial cleaning service with data center cleaning experience to take care of it.


  • An unclean server room attracts rodents


The last thing you need close to your server room are rodents because they can cause extensive damage to your equipment. The damage may also result in downtime.  Without proper cleaning and maintenance, the underfloor can become a playing field for rats, mice, and other rodents that can mess with your cables and other equipment. 

Make sure you hire a professional cleaning company to clean the underfloor area of your server room regularly.  This will get rid of germs and detect any rodent issues before they become significant problems. 


  • Cleanliness improves the performance and longevity of equipment



The truth is that every piece of hardware inside your server room operates continuously, with each device drawing in air to cool its internal components. When a lot of dust and debris are floating in the air, they get into the machines during the cooling process.

The presence of dirt and dust can cause significant damage to your equipment. First, the accumulation of dust and dirt inside the machines creates an insulation layer reducing power transfer through them. This results in overheating, which can lead to equipment breakdown if you don’t act swiftly to rectify the issue.

Furthermore, dust and dirt accumulation corrodes your equipment, reducing your server room equipment’s expected lifespan.  Replacing server room equipment can be quite costly compared to hiring a commercial cleaning service with a data center cleaning experience to keep your it clean. 


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