7 Reasons Why You Should Invest in a Driver Monitoring System for Your Fleet

There are several reasons why people invest in a driver monitoring system, no only in the fleet industry. Some want to keep themselves safe while driving, while others want to improve the safety of their family members driving the car. Both of these reasons are crucial since they can prevent road accidents.

That is why fleet industries often partner with the supplier of driver monitoring systems. They want to avoid road accidents at all costs, so none of their packages become broken and no employees will suffer an injury, let alone lose their life while working.

Just imagine this scenario.

It is around 11 PM, and one of your drivers is still on the road coming back from his delivery in Malaysia. Since it is already late and he has been driving for the whole day, chances are he feels sleepy. 

As you know, feeling sleepy and driving do not go well together. It is a disaster. If the driver falls asleep even for a second, he will mostly get into an accident. He might bump the vehicle into the tree or hit someone on the road. Both are unfortunate since they will not only cost you financially, but they also ruin your reputation.

To prevent these situations from happening, you should consider investing in a driver monitoring system. It is the latest technology that improves the safety of the person driving the vehicle. Therefore, keep your eyes peeled, and take a look at the reasons below.

Why Should You Invest In a Driver Monitoring System for Your Fleet?


The higher the fuel price is, the higher the delivery charges that businesses offer to their customers. Of course, no customers want that. That is why business owners use a driver monitoring system in their vehicles.

Thanks to its fleet asset tracking, the driver could take the shortest route to reach the destination as fast as possible. As a result, customers would not have to wait long, and you would be able to save up 15% to 18% of the fuel costs.


Even though Singapore has a comprehensive road network, accidents can still happen. Most of the time, they are due to the driver falling asleep and getting distracted.

That is why vehicle insurance feels more at ease if the fleet you are using has a driver monitoring system. With this, the driver would be able to stay focused on the road. As such, the insurance fees you have to pay become lower.


Even if you want to watch over all of your drivers while driving, it is not possible. Sure, you cannot do it in person, but you can do it virtually.

With the dashboard of this fleet managementsoftware, you can review the driving performance of everyone. As such, you can easily see which driver is aggressively steering the wheels or idling their time.

In short, you can see if they are honestly doing their job as their employment contract says.


The real-time alerts this fleet management system works both ways. Besides alerting the driver where the least traffic road or street is, you would know what the driver is doing in real-time.

For example, if you ask your driver to do delivery after 2 PM, you can receive a message of where they are at that time. If you notice they are near the destination, you can quickly inform the customers and let them know their orders are a few minutes away.

Another thing this feature has is that the driver can ask for help in case of an emergency. A great example of this is when the tires got flat and had no spare tire to replace. As such, you can hire a mechanic that will help your driver who is on the road.


Besides road accidents, car theft is also common. As a business owner who owns several vehicles, you can keep all of them safe if you install fleet asset tracking.

With this, you can quickly check in the dashboard where your vehicle is and locate its location with the authorities. Just make sure to place it somewhere people would not easily see so you can retrieve your fleet if it got stolen.


It is one of the commendable features that a driver monitoring system has since it can detect if the driver is focusing on the road or doing something else while driving.

For example, if the driver feels sleepy and is already tilting his head back and forth, that action will trigger the head and gaze analysis. By then, the driver monitoring system will try its best to wake the driver up before anything unfortunate happens.


Besides the head and gaze analysis, this software also has face analysis. As the term says, it recognises the facial features, age, and gender of a person.

In the case of your driver, this feature can see every emotion they are experiencing.

For instance, if your driver told you they were not feeling okay during the delivery, you can view the dashboard if they are telling the truth. Here, you would exactly know what kind of facial features they are showing on their face.

Are You Ready to Invest in a Driver Monitoring System for Your Fleet?


Becoming ready to invest in a driver monitoring system means two things: mentally and financially prepared. Note that the price of a fleet management system can be pretty costly, especially if you are planning to install them on all of your vehicles. That is why you have to make sure you are ready before tapping any supplier that supplies this invention.

If you are looking for an affordable driver monitoring system, you should go to Guardian South East Asia. Their software and application would not let you down, no matter what happened.To request a demo, fill out the form from this link. Sooner or later, you will receive an email of when you can have it.

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