Most of us are great investors when it comes to home décor. They not only give color to the rooms but also warm them up. Soft places are indeed to be provided by them for game plays, movies and of course partying! But to make rugs last longer for the years to come by, they are to be well maintained. Cleaning is the part behind that too in a regular manner.

Try out some of your few DIY hacks that would really not need any professional to clean it up.

Basics of maintaining Area Rugs

Rugs are undoubtedly expensive for which you wish to check out the instruction tag before using it. Stick to some of the suggestions for cleaning if you find one in that very instruction tag. There are other ways of cleaning it up too and now it totally depends on the size of the rug be it big or small, or however you are going to clean it.

You just need these-

  • Vacuum Cleaner
  • Baking Soda
  • Take the smaller rugs outdoors and shake it off as much as you are able to.
  • Check all the settings up on the vacuum cleaner. There are reduced speeds of flowing air for using up on area rugs. This would be prolonging the life of your rug right away from getting up inside the vacuum.
  • Put baking soda up on the rug before opting to clean it up. This would bid goodbye to all bad odors.
  • Vacuum the rug that would make Area Rug Cleaning
  • Keep rolling each of the sides of the rugs underneath the edges, Vacuum all of the dirt that has been caught below the rug sides. If you are into placing mats below your rug then, better stop sucking up the vacuum itself when you would work.
  • Vacuum all over the edges of the rug for removing dust that has not lodged when you had rolled it.

Deep Cleaning of Rugs of different Materials

You just need to go for cleaning in a detailed manner, either once rather than two times every year. The kind of method you would be using for the area rug would really depend on what your rug is so made out of.

  • Wool

There are innumerable people who opt for wool rugs for being durable and they too hold colors longer when it comes to comparing with other materials. They hold all the dirt as they are woven and do make up all of their wool fibers by themselves.

You would need-

  • A vacuum cleaner
  • A bucket filled with cold water
  • Laundry Detergent
  • Clothes of Microfiber
  • White Colored Towels
  • Take up your rug outside and keep shaking it. Better hang it up over some clothesline rather than rail it and dust it off using some rug beater.
  • Vacuum your rug when you would clean it to remove off the soil in excess.
  • Mix some gentle detergent from the laundry that you have used for washing sheets too with some bucket filled with cold water.
  • Put a microfiber cloth into soapy water and slightly dab it up on the rug surface, directing towards the nap place and moisten your cloth yet again if you really need. Go pretty much easy up on the water for you would never like your wool rug getting saturated.
  • Rinse out the bucket and fill it with cold water.
  • Moisten some fresh cloth of Microfiber and blot it up over your rug itself.
  • Blot up your rug with many dry microfiber towels and even bath towels that you happen to use regularly.
  • Wait for the rug till it dries out and then walk up on it. You too get some box fans that would help you out in the drying process. If your rug is pretty much small, go for hanging it up along your clothesline.
  • Jute

You would need-

  • Small cleaning kits
  • Vacuum Cleaner
  • Take out your rug in the outdoors itself and shake off all the bad dirt from it.
  • Sprinkle the powders that are of dry cleaning from the kit in the rug itself.
  • Use up the brush from your small cleaning kit and clean up the rug fibers in a gentle manner. Better don’t scrub it up heavily for you would end up tearing out the very material.
  • Vacuum off all of your extra cleaning powders.
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