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The orthodontic courses and Dento-facial Orthopedics courses are well- designed to tech orthodontics to a higher level and it is based on a solid foundation. It provides evidence-based practices as well as scientific research material from orthodontic courses that are available 24/7 and can be easily accessed conveniently from anywhere and anytime. A unique post-graduation qualification in the orthodontic course is a 12 months course duration, where mentoring is provided by the highly experienced and talented tutors. Different online learning modules are available discussing different topics under various heads in detail which helps in giving clear understanding with clear concepts to the learners.

Multiple ways of Learning Comprehensive Online Orthodontic Courses

There are many unique multiple ways of learning a comprehensive online orthodontic course which is one of the best educational programs, by which many learners have been fully benefitted. This education program has been specifically designed from the entry-level or the beginner classes to advanced levels with advanced techniques and advanced subjects. There are online lectures provided by highly experienced, knowledgeable, and talented experts, doctors, etc. who have great expertise in teaching the topics in different formats as well as provide nest clinical guidance too. Through live webinars and recorded video tutorials provided in different learning styles in orthodontic courses have benefitted. Learners can very easily access the highly qualitative educational content available 24/7 which is also very convenient for learners. A virtual learning environment is amazingly beneficial for learners as that can very easily access and go through the teaching contents which are stored securely. Learners can refer back to lectures, can enhance their skills and knowledge by watching the video again, or can re-watch a webinar. Together with the availability of vast online orthodontic course content and advanced learning techniques, learners can clear their doubts and can discuss complex cases with the experts in their interactive webinar series. All the live webinars are recorded; therefore the learners do not need to worry about their classes if they anyhow missed it, they can re-watch it.

Online Learning Modules in Orthodontics & Dento-facial Ortho-paedics

There are different online learning modules in Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics as follows:

*The Biological Basis of Orthodontics (Module 1): The first module introduces embryology, growth, and development of the face and jaws. It will provide the students or learners with a clear understanding of the biology of tooth moments in orthodontics.

*Principles of Orthodontic Assessment & Diagnosis (Module 2): This module provides the foundations for accurate problem identification, case diagnosis, and treatment planning including techniques for the photography, radiography, and the cephalo-metric analysis.

*Orthodontic Appliances (Module 3): Learners can gain in-depth knowledge of the appliances which are used in modern orthodontics including functional, removable, fixed, clear aligners, and lingual appliances. In this module, learners are benefitted and learn to identify clinical situations and the uses for each appliance as per appropriate to the cases in day to day clinical practices.

Similarly, many modules are available discussing different topics and helping students in making their concepts clear with better understanding and learning. A short term orthodontics course UK is organized for students which helps them a lot in learning different topics and there are highly experienced and experts providing the best learning and guidance to their students.



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