Benefits of using EVA foam

EVA foam, also called ethylene-vinyl acetate foam, is produced by mixing vinyl and ethylene acetate copolymers. Sometimes common substances and foam flavors are mixed in when EVA foams are shipped out. EVA foams are primarily created with shaping procedures. The different copolymer’s heaviness and quantity of the catalyst and foaming additives that have been added to the mixture determine the thickness, rigidity, color, pliability, and other characteristics of the EVA foams. These foams are a crucial part of the packaging industry. They keep the items from perishing, crushing, or breakage. If you are looking into packaging design solutions, check out packaging solutions Malaysia.

The shut cell type of foam construction used in the case of EVA foam allows it to be water-resistant. This shut shell structure also determines the resilience of the foam. The resistance to water and moisture and the resilience of such foams make them quite helpful in shipping and the marine environment. The resilience and durability of EV foam can be further enhanced by adding rubber and other polymeric ingredients. This allows the EVA foam to be a better performer compared to rubber. Despite weighing less, EVA foam has various uses.

Since it is comparatively thin, EVA foam is extremely flexible and elastic. Therefore, it can act as a pretty good mitigating agent. Furthermore, EVA foam has displayed resistance as well as insulating properties. Because of this, EVA foams are used in a ton of industries like building, automotive, construction, and medical.

Due to the toughness and durability of this kind of foam, it can withstand tough weather conditions and other unsafe situations like synthetic concoctions and fuel oils. Due to the subatomic cosmetics of EVA foam, its creation is simple, like thermoplastics. Due to its adaptability, the EVA foam is broadly utilized in many enterprises like medical care marine recreational centers, electric, footwear, and car manufacturing.

Key features of EVA foam

  • The microcellular structure of EVA foam is unchanging.
  • Eva foam will offer you the best finish.
  • It is resistant to sliding.
  • Eva foams are colorfast.
  • They are extremely tough, highly buoyant, and lightweight. They are used in marine applications and the building of floating materials.
  • They are extremely waterproof and non-water permeable.
  • They are resistant to scraping, density, and tear.
  • Eva foam prevents microorganisms like fungus or mild development and protects perishable materials. It is very easy to mold EVA foam to make punctures, stamp covers, or pieces.

Subdivision of EVA foam

If you check across markets, you will notice that the EVA foam gets divided into a few different parts depending on the manufacturing procedure and the end-use. Thus, the EVA foam can be segmented based on the industry where it is used like

  • Motor industry
  • Medicine industry
  • Structure and building industry
  • Textile and leisurewear industry
  • Consumer goods packaging options

Manufacturers of EVA foam have been releasing new foams and have understood the multi-purpose possibility of this foam in packaging. EVA foam can also be used as sheets and changed into foams for building other items.

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