Top 4 Luxurious Spas in Bali

  1. Expertise a clifftop massage — Gajah Mina Spa

A boutique hotel of 12 Conveniently located in a calm place on Bali’s west shore, Gajah Mina is the best place to get back in contact with nature.

Take slow walks from the tropical landscapes, look out in the key’ shore, marvel in the volcanic cliffs from the area, or like a spa experience perched on a headland overlooking the Balian surf place along with Menjan Beach!

You won’t require an air-conditioner here due to the sea breeze — hence no concerns about that noisy engine destroying your zen encounter. Settle back and pick from the varied remedies Gajah Mina offers — from a traditional Balinese massage using scented oils into body wraps, scrubs and facials and top followed by a relaxing retreat in a blossom bathroom.

2. Take an out of the world experience (literally) — even Acqua Perla

It is time to escape reality and enter into a beautiful Mediterranean luxury universe blended with a little outer space! Go on and measure through the Transition Corridor, an atmospheric distance that disturbs you to your meditative journey together with the soothing noise of water bubbles and also recovery colors of chakra.

Following the final of your worries are stripped off, pamper yourself with a detox session at a mosaic ribbon equipped with a rock bed and chilly water fountains. And for your best closing for your session, gratify in soothing audio and refreshments from the recovery room!

Are you feeling slightly more generous (or simply can not get enough)? Allow the pros bleach the acupressure points in your neck, face, shoulder with bead powder and new plant infusion, before finishing with a sterile cool bit out of a jade rock. This excess treat will give you an excess Rp. 750,000 (roughly USD 50), but it is oh so worthwhile!

3. Pamper yourself with an overpowering experience — Spring Spa Canggu

If you have been Maintaining with all the Kardashians and wonder what it is like to be pampered just like a Hollywood hotshot, Spring Spa Canggu is the place you wish to be! Experience Beverly Hills luxury here in Bali — that the spa’s contemporary and minimalist interior includes a bit of greenery, gentle island songs played with a live DJ, and just a gym!

And should you believe that all of Spring Spa has their sleeves up! Who requires a 20-hour trip to the States if Bali’s Hollywood manner can calm you?

4. Experience convention at its best — Jamu Traditional Spa

You can not say you have already been to Bali without depriving yourself of real Balinese fashion — dressed in a Batik sarong and soaked in Jamu and Lulur! Let us pass on the temptations and return to the great old’ instances of blossom bathrooms and natural spa products created from the best conventional ingredients.

If you are about organic life, you’re going to be very excited to learn that Jamu Traditional Spa’s goods are 100% vegan and free of formaldehyde, synthetic compounds, and alcohol. There is no animal testing demanded, which means that your furry friends will not be affected for your pleasure!

You will have to pick between a massage and massage or facial and lotion tub before completing this up using a newly brewed Jamu at just Rp.

From time to time, simplicity is ideal!

Before you plan the next trip to Bali, be sure to read more about Bali and Indonesia by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.

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