4 Signs Your AC Needs Professional Aircon Servicing

During warm summer days, the air temperature inside your home can reach a humid level sometimes. In fact, air conditioning is turning into a necessity for some residential units. However, an AC system can experience wearing and tearing from time to time, which affects its overall performance and efficiency. Like any other mechanical and electronic appliances at home, your aircon will sometimes need cleaning, repair and proper maintenance servicing. Hence, opting for aircon servicing in Singapore can be a practical choice for ensuring a lasting investment.

If your aircon is slowly losing its performance noticeably or not cool enough, it might need proper maintenance or servicing. Without further ado, here are some common telltale signs that your AC system needs a professional cleaning or general servicing:

Warm or Hot Air

Your aircon functions to provide a cooling solution and regulate air temperature. However, if it’s blowing off warm air, it might be a good time to contact a local aircon servicing in your area. If your AC system is blowing off hot air, it might indicate something preventing your system’s cooling mechanism from functioning. It might result from refrigerant leaks or other electrical problems in some cases.

Loud Rattling and Other Strange Noise

If you hear loud and strange sounds that your AC system should not emit in the first place, it might mean a serious problem that needs attention. Lacking proper inspection of your household air conditioning system might stem from a number of electrical-related problems and damages along the way. There are several reasons for noises, from debris caught to the mechanism to a loose component. It’s often better to call a specialist instead of waiting for the noise to settle and disappear.

Frozen AC Coil

You might want to call an aircon chemical overhaul in Singapore or professional cleaning if your air conditioning system’s coil is frozen. The most common culprit for frozen AC coils is dirt and debris. Dirt or debris can clog inside the system, acting as an insulation which prevents your coil from functioning. In some situations, a refrigerant leak might also be a primary culprit.

A Leakage in the AC System

It’s a common mistake for many owners to ignore leaking water in an air conditioner. If you notice water leaking from the AC, look for professional service instead of looking for an aircon gas top up price. Leakage can be dangerous since the liquid can evaporate into a harmful gas, which can create health problems. It can also promote mould or mildew growth.

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