4 Cleaning Tips Using 4 Ply Toilet Paper and More

Every homemaker learns to be resourceful with cleaning materials, and I am no exception. After all, cleaning supplies can run out fast, especially if you care for many children who tend to make messes daily. Making the most of my baby wipes, 4 ply toilet paper, and other cleaning supplies saves me a lot of money since they’re more versatile than you might initially think.

Here are my favourite tissue products and how I use them in my daily routine.

1. Baby Wipes

Baby wipes are primarily for ensuring that your baby is clean and comfortable when changing their diaper, but did you know that they offer a lot more value beyond that use? Baby wipes from Singapore are portable and already covered in a disinfectant, making them the best option for quick and on-the-go cleanups. For example, I once spilled a bit of my drink in my car while doing my errands. Luckily, I had baby wipes with me, which made cleanup take less than a few minutes.

2. Toilet Paper

Toilet paper is, of course, for cleaning yourself up after going on a bathroom break, but it can undoubtedly clean more than that. If you need to clean surface tops like counters and tables, spray some of your cleaner on the surface and wipe it down with some toilet paper. I also like to use them for my mirrors since their softness won’t scratch them. 4 ply toilet paper, in particular, is excellent for cleaning since the thickness will catch a lot more dirt and grime.

3. Tissue Boxes

Tissue boxes from Singapore are the best option for portable hygiene, primarily if public bathrooms don’t provide you with anything. However, they’re also great for gentle everyday cleaning. I love having a tissue box in my purse because they’re great for cleaning any smudges off my eyeglasses. I use tissues at work and home to clean my laptop and TV screens. I also bring them while I walk my dog, just in case we need to go inside and I have to clean up his paws before he’s allowed to step indoors.

4. Kitchen Towels

Kitchen towels are the most durable of all these cleaning products, so if you need heavy-duty cleaning but don’t have any rags for the job, you can always use a kitchen towel from Singapore instead. For example, I have a cast iron pan in my kitchen that costs me a lot of money, so I want to ensure I take care of it properly. Whenever I don’t have rags available, I use paper towels to wipe down any of the oil and excess food bits before I wash the pan properly. I also use the kitchen towels to dry them and store my pans with kitchen towels in between them to prevent rust.

Do you need tissue products for your daily chores? Beautex strives to provide a wide selection of toilet paper, paper towels, and baby wipes from Singapore that is versatile and high-quality. Enquire about their products and events, or offer your opinion and reviews about their products by contacting Beautex today.

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