Where to Keep Extra Furniture When Moving to a Smaller Space

At some point in your life, you might decide that your current home is a little too big for your needs. Perhaps your kids have moved out and bought their own homes now or maybe you just feel like taking care of a large home is too much work. Maybe you simply want a smaller and more intimate space instead of having large open rooms. Whatever the case is, downsizing can be quite the challenge especially if you have a lot of belongings to look after.

So in this article, we’re going to take a look at where you can keep extra furniture when you’re moving to a smaller space.

Leave it at a friend or relative’s place

One of the first places to consider is a friend or relative’s place, especially if they have an empty garage or extra space in their home that can be used to store your furniture. Of course, if you’re planning on storing a lot of things then this might not be viable. However, if you’re only storing a sofa or a table temporarily, then asking a friend or family member is usually a good idea. Check with your contacts and see if anyone is available to store some of your belongings for a couple of days until you’ve settled in.

Store it in your home for now

If you’ve already finalized your move but your landlord or real estate agent has set your official moving-out date a few days or weeks in the future, then you can always keep your furniture in your current home for now. Just make sure you come back for it and don’t leave it for the next tenant to keep!

Use a self-storage option

If you have a lot of extra furniture that you plan to keep for an extended period of time then storing it in a temporary location (such as a friend’s home) isn’t the best idea. If you want a more permanent storage solution then you may want to consider using a self-storage option such as Self-storage has the advantage of being incredibly flexible and accessible. You’ll also get a lot of personal space to use for storage and you can keep your furniture there indefinitely as long as you continue paying the fees.

Rent a truck or van and store it inside

If you’ve rented a truck or a van for a couple of weeks or days then you could just store your extra furniture in there for now. This is a good option if you just need a little time to get things sorted in your new smaller space so that you have room to move your furniture in.

Just sell it

If your furniture really is “extra” furniture then you may want to just sell it. If you do plan to keep it for the future then a self-storage option is usually the best idea, otherwise, it might be less hassle and work just to sell it if you have no need for it. Moving to a smaller space typically means that you’re downsizing, so getting rid of furniture only helps you achieve this goal by clearing up your clutter.

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