What are the signs of a healthy indoor cats?

As pet owners, you would like the absolute best for your furry loved one. By keeping your cat indoors, you ensure his safety and reduce his chance of injury and illness. However, indoor cats even have potential health risks. For indoor cats, lack of exercise and tedium can cause physical and emotional stress. Check out on this article to create a better environment for your pet However, cats diagnosed with common inflammatory diseases like feline interstitial cystitis (sterile inflammation of the bladder) became healthier when stress levels were reduced. Your indoor cat might not act like he’s under stress, but feline health problems could indicate otherwise. The thanks to grow a healthy and happy cat say that the good news is to watch how cats act within the wild and creates an identical environment in your home. Bring the outside inside by following the following pointers below and provides your indoor cat a secure, happy, and healthy home.

  1. Give cats their private, personal space

 The territory is extremely important to cats, especially if they share an equivalent household with other pets. Some cats are friendly and social, but most cats are independent naturally. They have a personal space where they will hide and feel safe.

  1. Feed indoor cats a healthy diet and supply many water

Cats within the wild search for their food and should eat up to twenty small meals each day . While hunting, they get frequent exercise when roaming for food and water. By keeping cats indoors, you create a sedentary situation. Indoor cats don’t need to work for his or her food compared to outdoor pets. Often, they consume too many calories and don’t exercise enough. Lack of exercise results in weight gain and obesity and puts them at a better risk for feline diabetes. It’s important to feed indoor cats mostly canned foods. Canned foods gives them much-needed moisture and protein in their diet. Confirm that freshwater is usually available to your pet.

  1. Provide a quiet, cozy sleeping area

Cats need a comfortable place to sleep that’s quiet and safe, and most cats wish to sleep alone. They enjoy curling up during a blanket or cat bed or sometimes sleep inside a box or basket. Often, cats wish to sleep in high places where they’re safe and may watch their surroundings.

  1. Confirm indoor cats get many exercises

Encourage your cat to exercise by placing scratching posts throughout the house. Use a spread of options including horizontal and vertical posts and posts made up of different materials like sisal rope and cardboard. Place scratching posts near busy areas of the house so your cat is more likely to use them. Add a scratching post to his favorite sleeping spot, so he can stretch and flex muscles and allows him to mark his scent. These auctions, via sites such as are also available online.


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