Staying Sober: 5 Reminders to Drink Beers Moderately


Drinking on a Friday night is one of the best ways to de-stress after a long day.

“Let’s go to the bar,”

Do you want to drink beers or wines when I come over to your home?

Let’s celebrate your new job with your favourite fruit beer from Singapore!”

All of these sound very inviting. It shows that you have friends to whom you can talk and enjoy life anytime. Beers are an excellent choice to enjoy the simple pleasures of life. And if you want to celebrate today, learn more about different kinds of beers and how to drink moderately in this article.

The Different Kinds of Beers

Beers are the most popular alcoholic drink across the world. For this reason, different cultures have made their versions which resulted in different kinds of this drink. There are porters, stouts, fruit, ales, and a sour beer in Singapore. To know more about them, here’s the description of each drink.

  • Porter Beer –Porter beer was developed in England back in the 18th century. The drink has a dark appearance because of brown malt, and it tastes bitter with undertones of coffee and liquorice
  • Sour Beer –If you’re acidic, sour beer might not be the best choice. Sour beer has an acidic, sweet and tart taste. You can mix fruits like raspberry, cherry and peach to balance sweetness and sourness.
  • Stout Beer-Stout beer has a dark appearance because of fermented ale and dark-roasted malted barley. The taste is a balance of sweetness and bitterness. It’s also good to drink when hanging out with friends.
  • Fruit Beer – Fruit beer is suitable for people who want to stay sober while celebrating. Fruit beer in Singapore is non-alcoholic. The main ingredients are fruits by fermenting them into this sweet drink.
  • Ale – A beer uses a warm fermentation method to create a sweet and fruity taste. However, be responsible when drinking beers to stay clear-headed and avoid problems with the people around you.

Beers are tasty, and sometimes your heart can get into your mind and forget about your responsibilities. There are times when you’ll drink more beer glasses than what your body can endure. So, before going to a party with your friends, here are some reminders to drink beers moderately like porter, fruit, and stout beer in Singapore.


Drinking Guideline: How to Drink Beers Moderately

Drinking beers can become uncontrollable if you’re enjoying talking with your friends or being emotionally bothered. You might not notice that you’ve already drunk three beer glasses before seeing the effects. The problem here is your safety and health. What if you need to drive back home? What if drinking stout beer every day can negatively affect your health? Well, it’s not wrong if you want to drink beers, but always remember to drink in moderation. To do so, use this guideline before going out with friends on a Friday night.


1) Sip Slowly

Consuming beer too quickly will make you drink too much and crave more beer, especially if you’re drinking straight liquor like vodka, gin, whiskey, or scotch. Chugging down beers will trick your mind that you need to drink more because you’ve only consumed a glass of beer. You’ll end up drunk halfway through the night, and of course, you don’t want to ruin the celebration or Friday night out.

Therefore, remind yourself that slowly sipping will help you control your consuming behaviour when going out. Instead of chugging your stout beer in Singapore in one go, sip slowly from time to time and enjoy the moment. You’re not in a competition so enjoy the party.

2) Learn When to Say No

Sometimes, friends can pressure you to drink more beers even if you feel uncomfortable. Be firm when you say no, and your friends should respect your decision. Tell them that you only drink two to three glasses of porter beer in Singapore because you’re looking after your health. It would help if you also considered your safety, especially when driving back home.

If you always go out with friends who like to pressure you, you might as well think if they are a good influence on you. If not, make sure to remove toxic people from your life, just like flushing out the toxins from excessive amounts of beer.

Remember, drinking beers like stout beer or fruit beer is okay, especially if you know how to be moderate. After all, the real essence of drinking beer is enjoying the moment with your friends and loved ones.

3) Drink Water in Between

Drinking beer can make you dehydrated. So, don’t forget to hydrate yourself if you don’t want to experience a bad hangover. Expect that you’ll share a groggy morning and forget all that happened last night if you don’t hydrate yourself. Drink a glass of water after drinking beers like sour beer to balance your body. It is to balance the liquid inside your body.

If you’re drinking in a bar, you can ask the bartender to give you some water after finishing a glass. After that, you can also ask for another drink like a stout beer. If going to your friend’s house, kindly request glass water to balance out the contents within your body.

4) Take a Break from Drinking

Drinking beers also needs your self-control. If you find yourself drinking uncontrollably, take a break by going to the balcony or walking for five minutes to get back into your senses. You can also tell your friends to inform you if you’re drinking too many beers like sour beer. But, if you want to drink non-alcoholic beverages, you can opt for a fruit beer in Singapore to stay sober.

5) Count Your Drinks

Finally, you can stay moderated by counting your drinks. It’s advisable to only drink three to four glasses for both men and women. When exceeding with the moderate glasses, make sure to control yourself not to get another glass of stout or porter beer. Be more mindful of your drinking habits to stay safe and healthy.

Don’t forget these reminders before drinking your beers from Arvo Drinks. Visit their website to know more about their beer options like porter, fruit, sour, and stout beer in Singapore.



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