Choosing the Right Options to Sell or Pawn Gold

Have you ever thought about how much your old unused gold jewelry is still worth? It happens in almost every household: gold jewelry that you hardly wear anymore. Because the gold jewelry no longer suits today’s fashion, because a gold chain is too big or too small or because the jewelry is broken. Because the demand for gold is very high at this time, the gold price is very high and therefore worth selling.

What Gold Jewelry Can You Sell?

Gold is bought per gram. It doesn’t matter how much or how little you want to sell. Goldsmiths buy necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets, watches, pendants up to brooches. At gold purchasing store they buy for the melting value of the gold. They work with the current gold rate so that goldsmiths can offer you the best price for the jewelry. You need to choose the Pawn shop that accepts gold in this vase.

What Is My Gold Jewelry Worth?

To find out what your gold jewelry is worth, goldsmiths have to weigh the gold jewelry on a precision scale. It is also very important to know of which carat gold the jewelry is. In this country, 14 carat gold is the most commonly used gold, but gold can of course have been purchased abroad or have a different gold content. In store goldsmiths test the jewelry with chemicals to find out how much karat gold the jewelry is. With gold selling options you can have the best choices.

Buy Gold Jewelry for Cash

If you decide to come to store for the sale of your gold jewelry, gold buyer will look at the jewelry with you. Goldsmiths value the jewelry according to the current daily price of the gold. Goldsmiths need to find out which carat gold is your jewelry. Goldsmiths can test this and often see it from the hallmarks in the jewelry. Goldsmiths will then tell you the value of the jewelry on offer. Do you like the price? Then goldsmiths proceed to payment. This can be in cash or by bank. You only need to hand over your ID so that goldsmiths know goldsmiths are doing business.

Special Attention to Selling Gold Coins

Selling gold coins is working just a little different than selling a gold objects, jewelry or cash. Gold coins are traded as gold coins. This means that a large number of gold coins represent a certain value. This value can and will also fluctuate. You can go to gold buyers for selling gold coins. You can of course also contact coin dealers and mint offices for this.

Popular gold coins include:

  • The golden tenner
  • The golden fiver
  • The ducat
  • The double ducat

Popular foreign gold coins include:

  • The Maple leaf 1 ounce
  • S. Eagle $ 20
  • S. Eagle $ 50
  • Mexico 50 Pesos

The value of these coins varies from a few hundred dollars per person to a price well above a thousand dollars. Even if you plan to sell gold coins, goldsmiths recommend that you keep an eye on the price of the relevant gold coin for some time.

It is also good to know that a gold coin will only be treated as a gold coin by the buyer if it is undamaged. Is this not the case? Then this is a reason for the purchaser to place the gold coin in the category ‘scrap gold’. The gold that belongs to this category is often melted down. In addition, you get less money for this gold.

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