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Slot machines are a real game of chance, as the player has no influence on the outcome of a round. Nevertheless, the blinking boxes, which also like to make music, are perceived in an almost uncanny abundance. The payout ratio of today’s slot machines is between 92 and 95 percent. Especially with the so-called slot machine jackpots, there are sometimes winnings waiting for a lucky player that can change a whole life.

What are the different types of jackpots in slot machines?

There are two different types of slot machine jackpots in both real and deposit by phone slots. On the one hand there are the so-called “in-game jackpots”, which always apply. These jackpots only increase to a limited extent from round to round, but are set as the maximum win for one game. An example would be the game “Book of Ra” in which the highest prize can be won with five explorers. The in-game jackpot is then the fixed win amount that is possible for the best picture on the reels of a slot machine.

Then there are the so-called progressive jackpots. These jackpots are often even more popular with players and are therefore used more often. A progressive jackpot can apply to a game, a slot machine, or a selection of slot machines. Progressive jackpots are calculated per game today. Every player who plays the jackpot slot on one of the slot machines in the casino or in the online casino contributes to the fact that the progressive jackpot increases slowly. From every loss of a round, a part goes into the jackpot to be won, which is then won at some point by a lucky tipper. The amount of winnings is not limited here, so that in some cases winnings of over one million euros can arise.

Two jackpots hit in real casinos

That it really works and that you can become a millionaire with a jackpot slot is shown almost every day in the metropolis of gambling: Las Vegas. The biggest slot machine jackpot ever hit was also won here. It was on March 21st, 2003, when a 25 year old software developer from Los Angeles tried his luck at the casino of the famous Excalibur Hotel. He tried several machines until he sat down at the so-called Mega Bucks slot machine. He fed the machine $ 100 and the game started. It wasn’t long before the casino’s red winning lamp began to spin. Full of friends, he called through the casino that he had won the jackpot that had been building up over several weeks. In total, he had won $ 39,710,828.36, which is nearly $ 40 million. The chance of this win was just 1 in 16.7 million, but the young player from Los Angeles took the big win. A responsible employee came over, recorded the winnings, and called the casino director. He wrote the big check that makes the winner the biggest slot machine millionaire at

The second story is from a winner. On January 26, 2000, Las Vegas-based Cynthia Jay-Brennan tried her luck at the Desert Inn. There are not quite as many slot machines here as in other places, but the jackpots are still increasing enormously from week to week. On the day of her game, the jackpot was already over $ 34 million and the waitress at a cocktail bar is tempted. She had heard that the jackpot slot Mega Bucks had relatively good chances of winning and that jackpots had been won several times, so she sat down at a Mega Bucks slot machine, just like the lucky guy from example 1. It was amazing because she won in a big way. The slot machine showed a total of 34.9 million US dollars and Cynthia could hardly believe it.She was delighted with the win and took the check from the casino director with a big grin. The winnings were so large that, when written out, they only just fit on the oversized check, which is primarily presented as a symbol. But that doesn’t end the story of Cynthia: After she was very lucky, she and her sister were rammed by a drunk driver in the car six weeks later. The sister dies in the accident, leaving Cynthia with permanent psychological damage. The myth that jackpot winners are unlucky didn’t come up for the first time. But that doesn’t end the story of Cynthia: After she was very lucky, she and her sister were rammed by a drunk driver six weeks later in the car. The accident leads to the death of the sister, who left Cynthia with permanent psychological damage. The myth that jackpot winners are unlucky didn’t come up for the first time.But that doesn’t end the story of Cynthia: After she was very lucky, she and her sister were rammed by a drunk driver in the car six weeks later. The sister dies in the accident, leaving Cynthia with permanent psychological damage. The myth that jackpot winners are unlucky didn’t come up for the first time.

Hit jackpots in online casinos

At Casino Reels, a $ 140,000 jackpot was cracked on the smartphoneWhile the stories from real casinos become known very concretely, there is a certain anonymity on the Internet. Many players use a username, which is usually freely selectable, so it is difficult to attribute the big winnings to specific people. At least a few small beginnings of history have become known in the last few years, which come from the lucky ones from online casinos. A small business owner from Greece has fulfilled his dream of becoming a millionaire with a game in the online casino. He is said to have won the largest online jackpot ever paid out. It was in May 2009 that the story of the Greek became known. He had played a few rounds in the River Belle Online Casino and tried out the Mega Moolah Jackpot Slot, among other things. There were only a few laps that eveningwhich he completed and then it happened. All reels showed the same winning symbol and a large amount was shown on the computer display. He had won almost 6.4 million euros by participating in online jackpot slots. The game should change his life.

Nowadays you can take part in jackpot slots in almost every online casino and so there are new winnings in online casinos almost daily, sometimes even millions of euros. However, none of the profits are said to have exceeded the Greek small business owner so far. For example, in February 2013 a certain S. Riddle had won a million dollars in the casino. “The Dark Knight Slot” was his favorite slot machine, on which he had made small wins several times. Converted from British to euros, Batman brought him a profit of 2.54 million euros that one evening.

If you take a look at the large online casinos, a profit of several million euros seems to be not uncommon. Several jackpots from games such as Mega Fortune and Hall of Gods quickly reached a level of more than two million euros. You can find these two machines at MrGreen Casino, for example . If you consider that there are jackpot slots with similar winnings in almost every casino, you have to win more often than you think. However, very few profits are really known.

Frequently asked Questions

If you want to find out more about the progressive jackpot slots, then you’ve come to the right place in my FAQ section. Here I answer the most frequently asked questions so that you are optimally prepared for your online casino visit.

  • What are the chances of winning a jackpot on slot machines?

In the best online casinos in English you of course also have the option to play slots with a progressive jackpot. Your chances of winning depend on the RTP value of the respective slot machine . In addition, you should always note that this theoretically calculated average value is no guarantee.

  • How are progressive jackpot slots different from traditional slots?

The biggest difference is that the RTP (Return to Player) value is much higher with online slot machines and your chances of winning increase as a result. But you can’t win millions of dollars like those with the progressive jackpot. So weigh carefully what is more important to you.

  • Are there any slot machine strategies or tricks that can be used when playing slots?

You should always be aware that online fraud is not an option. That’s why I’ve put together a list of beginner tips for playing real money slots that will help you get started. This way you can avoid unnecessary mistakes and look forward to a smooth start.

  • What are the best jackpot slots to play?

After having dealt with the various slot machine jackpots very intensively , I noticed a few special titles. Mega Moolah from Microgaming is particularly popular. This slot is available in almost every online casino and is a must for every slot enthusiast. But NetEnt can also convince with its progressive jackpot slots such as Mega Fortune.

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