Serving Pets Raw Meat

If you are worried about serving raw meat to dogs and cats, then you should rest assured that this is the natural thing to do. For years cats and dogs have hunted and ate anything raw they could catch as part of their diet without the fear of positioning. Besides that, raw meat is naturally acceptable to the pet’s body. They are meant to process raw foods for better absorption of nutrients.

However, due to domestication, most of these pets are not able to hunt and enjoy wholesome food. Even so, ensuring that the pet’s food is well balanced and gets all the nutrients they need is important.

This may mean including vegetables in their food. Besides that, food should be dense and uncontaminated with enough moisture. While most pets consume processed foods, this is not the ideal food they should eat. Several disadvantages come with overcoming kibble, including detrimental effects on their teeth.

How Did People Move Away from Raw Pet Food

One may wonder when the transition from raw pet food to processed one happened. Well, the introduction of commercial pet food is not a new one. However, the introduction of kibble or processed food is fairly new, considering that it became rampant during world war 2, where convenience was the driving factor.

While this may have served its purpose then, it has continued over the years despite not being the best option for pets. Experts believe that it will take hundreds of years for the pet’s stomachs to adjust to the point where they can fully digest kibble. This only means that most of the kibble is not useful to the pet currently. Most of it is wasted and ejected.

It is important; therefore, to include raw meats and raw diets in addition to the kibble diet if you want your pet to be healthy and strong. Even though kibble is generally cheaper and more available, it should not be the only thing you feed your pets.

Worrying About Parasites in Raw Foods

Most pet parents would adopt raw feeding only if they are sure the food is not full of salmonella. Well, this concern is not viable. What’s more, you can do a few things just to ensure that your pet is not affected when consuming raw meat.

  1. Parasites: Organ meats are the biggest culprits. To eliminate such parasites, freeze the meat for at least three days before serving your pets.
  2. Salmonella: This is a major concern for many pet parents. To ensure this does not affect your pets, always get food from reliable suppliers such as Houston Raw Pet Food, which specializes in safe and nutritious raw pet meals.

Why Raw Pet Food has Been Over-Scrutinized

There is nothing wrong with raw pet food. The only challenge is that it is not the easiest to handle, especially if you are unsure. Usually, raw pet food is mishandled, and the chances of going bad are high, especially if it is homemade. Common pitfalls with homemade raw pet food include:

  • Homemade raw pet food can be unbalanced
  • Changing to a new food too fast can cause an upset stomach and diarrhea
  • Feeding pets spoiled meat

The secret to overcoming such concerns is to ensure better and safer handling procedures. It is also important to learn better storage methods if you want your pet food to last longer.

Washing utensils, sanitizing your hands with every handling, and disinfecting the tools used in handling the food are a few measures that can help with this process. Better still, invest in buying raw pet food from expert manufacturers as this is more convenient, and you don’t have to sacrifice your pet’s health.

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