Overwatch: Tracer in Season 19

Overwatch: Tracer in Season 19

The Season 19 in the Overwatch is here and Tracer received a huge buff that is bringing her back, to the top Damage heroes in the game. This buff is not overpowering Tracer but it was a necessary thing. A lot of professionals are sure that Tracer deserves that buff, she was one of the strangest heroes in the game. From one hand, she was useful only in skillful hands and only a real expert could use this hero efficiently, but from the other side, her power, even in the master’s hands, is equaled to mid-skilled Reaper. With the next buff, Tracer received the necessary attention from the professional scene and now can shine at the Overwatch League or at the overwatch boosting sessions. Once Tracer and Genji were the strongest heroes for boosting, according to https://expertboosting.com professionals, and their times are coming back.

The buff was not so great, in the eye of an inexperienced player, but in reality, it was insanely good and huge. Long story short – Tracer’s damage is not falling off from the 13 meters now, instead of 10 meters before the update. Such a buff increases the Tracer’s versatility in many ways.

In the Dive meta (that have all the chances to see the light again in Season 19) Tracer must dive into the enemies with the main tanks, and 10 meters (pre-update) were more than enough, enemies have too many targets to fully focus their fire only on the Tracer. So the damage falloff will not be so noticeable but do not forget that today is an age of the Sigma and Orisa as tanks and that means the Double Barriers composition.

Do you know how I hate CC abilities in Overwatch for those nightmares they are causing at every flanker? Tracer was not an exception and the distance of the damage falloff increasing will turn the world into a much safer place. For every squishy hero in Overwatch, every stun means a quick death. The more heroes in Overwatch the more of them have some kind of Crowd Control ability. That was the main reason why she faded away from our radars for almost a year (well, technically every DPS hero faded away, say thanks to GOATs), but with this buff, she could keep herself at the safe distance and still be a threat to supports. Especially for the supports without any escaping abilities, such as Zenyatta, or every other DPS hero. After all, most of them have less than 200 hp or around these numbers, so it would not be difficult to delete one target and then quickly retreat, waiting for an opportunity to strike again.

The new 2-2-2 meta, that was forced to us by Blizzard, with the Role Queue (more known as Role Lock) will help the developers to find the proper balance in the game. And I hope that someday they will transform every hard countering hero into the soft countering. That will increases the flexibility of the game and the diversity of heroes you could meet at the much will be increased dramatically.

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