Important Tips on Transitioning Your Dog to Freeze-Dried Dog Food in Houston.

New diets should be introduced gradually and cautiously to reduce the risk of gastrointestinal distress. When switching to a meal with greater protein content, the digestive process of certain dogs may be more sensitive and need more time to acclimatize. The transition time is recommended to be extended from 7-10 days to 2-3 weeks if their feces are more watery than typical throughout the transition period. This blog has highlighted some important tips for transitioning a dog to freeze-dried dog food.

Important Tips on Transitioning Your Dog to a Freeze-Dried Dog Food.

Switching their diet might be challenging if your dog has been eating the same thing for a long time. There are several benefits to feeding your dog freeze-dried food, including better digestion, healthier hair and skin, and more energy. Following these tips, you can help your dog adjust to freeze-dried dog food.

  1. Take it slow. Introducing it gradually is the key to a smooth transition to freeze-dried dog food. Start by feeding your dog just a few bites of the new food at a time. You can then slowly increase the proportion of freeze-dried dog food added to your dog’s regular diet over the course of a week or two.
  2. Monitor your dog’s reaction. Monitor your dog often to see how he or she is taking the new diet. Check for symptoms of gastrointestinal distress such as nausea, stomach pain, and bowel movements (or lack thereof). The transition process should be slowed down, or the veterinarian should be consulted if any of these symptoms are spotted.
  3. Make it enticing. If your dog is a fussy eater, switching to a new diet may take some time. To make the freeze-dried meal more appetizing, try rehydrating it in a tiny quantity of warm water or chicken broth. Adding a few pieces of cooked meat or veggies can also make the new dish more enticing.
  4. Keep an eye on your dog’s poop. Keep a tight check on your dog’s poop throughout the adjustment period. If it becomes loose or watery, you may be transitioning too quickly, so slow down the process. You should also give your dog enough water to drink during this time.
  5. Consider the protein source. Pay attention to the protein source while switching your dog to freeze-dried food. Choose a freeze-dried diet that doesn’t include the allergen if your dog has food sensitivities or allergies. It’s also best to introduce your dog to a freeze-dried dog food gradually by feeding them a single protein source, such as chicken or beef.
  6. Add water. Adding water helps rehydrate freeze-dried dog food, which can be extremely dry. Mix the food with warm water to serve and let it rest for a few minutes.

You’ve Got This!

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