Facts related to the origin of Palo Mayombe

Palo Mayombe is originated from an African Congo and it is the most feared and powerful kind of black magic. There is a dark side known as Palo Mayombe in Santeria religion. It has a long historical history and this magic was transported to the Caribbean at the time of the Spanish slave trade to Puerto Rico and Cuba in 1500. The influence of this religion is found in Brazil, Central America, and Mexico. It was born out of the ancient spirit worship of Congo. It was initially brought to Cuba via the slave trade and later on to the United States.

Palo is one religion which is secretly practiced and there is not any official place to worship this religion. There is no official confirmation too regarding the number of followers of Palo. The history of the Palo Mayombe tradition dates back to 1500 and it originates in Congo Basin. The religion has its origin in Cuba when the slaves of Central Africa were shifted to Cuba. It is considered a powerful religion and a kind of black magic. People practicing this religion are known as Paleros. In this religion, the main tool is darkness for getting the goals and it has its ownguidelines and directions.

The mystery religion

Paleros are the practitioners of black magic. They require body parts for worshipping, preferably skulls. According to their belief, the remains of the body including a finger bone may be used to call the spirit of a dead man. The spirit when fed regularly with the blood of animals, mostly the small birds, does evil bidding. Palo is used for good rather than evil as against the views of experts and anthropologists. Paleros mostly make their living through the sale of black-magic spells.

Other names

Palo Mayombe is referred to as other names such as Palo Kimbisa, Palo Monte, or La Regla del Congo. The religious function of Palo revolves around the nganaga or prenda. The prenda is the world’s microcosm and it is a powerful pact between the force of nature and the spirit of a dead. The Palo priest known as a Palera directs prenda to do works of heal, magic, curse and make changes happen. Its worship is necromantic and it is involved heavily while working with the spirits. The main initiation of Palo is Rayamiento. Rayamiento has derived its name from cutting the initiate’s skin lightly and cuts are not done in Lukumi rituals.

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