A Guide to the Primary Use & Importance of CCTV Surveillance in Company Operations

Closed circuit television cameras or CCTVs are essential components of commercial security systems. It can help keep corporate and commercial facilities safe from vandalism and theft. CCTV installation in a company and commercial spaces can help reduce the expenses of asset protection thanks to its recording systems.

Primary Commercial Uses of CCTV Surveillance Systems

Businesses and towns worldwide have been installing CCTV cameras in different public locations due to worsening criminal activity before the turn of the century. A 2009 study by Northeastern University and the University of Cambridge found that CCTV cameras were most successful in parking lots and complexes, reducing crime by almost half. The following are the primary use of CCTV surveillance systems in Singapore.

#1 Industrial Monitoring

CCTV surveillance systems in any industrial company can monitor activities that take place in hazardous environments. These are primary chemical processes, reactor interiors, or nuclear fuel manufacturing facilities. Some examples are line-scan and thermographic cameras that allow operators to gauge the temperature of the process.

#2 Transport Safety

Most public transport systems use CCTV cameras in Singapore. It allows operators to ensure that individuals are safe before and after boarding. Furthermore, a CCTV camera and dashboard monitor can make reversing a car safer by allowing the driver to see items or individuals that would not be visible otherwise.

#3 Retail Security for Employees

Retail security is becoming a growing concern for shop owners, especially since most trade journals estimate shrinkage in retail revenue. Traditional CCTV installation in retail spaces in Singapore can capture every action in a retail store. It assists in tracking employee behaviours, especially when conducting financial transactions such as amending or cancelling a sale, withdrawing money, or changing personal information.

#4 Entertainment & Sports Locations

CCTV camera usage in Singapore establishments meant for entertainment has increased. Sports complexes, vacation areas, churches, tourist places, clubs, and bars have installed more surveillance systems as consumer impressions grew. The growth requires every facility to have above-average protection and is therefore safer.

#5 Car Parks, Garages, Depots, Compounds, Dealerships, Construction Sites, etc

A decent security solution to put in place is CCTV cameras installed at the entrance and exit to the area where cars come and depart. It allows management to watch and record vehicles twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Furthermore, complete perimeter CCTV surveillance in these areas in Singapore can contribute to decreased theft rates. Moreover, an improved security system for after-hours security monitoring ensures that no vehicles or individuals enter or exit the guarded area.

#6 Reception Areas

CCTV surveillance can help keep company receptionists feel and be safe. Receptionists are vulnerable to threats ranging from verbal abuse to armed assault. CCTV camera installation may provide a clear picture of everyone standing at the reception desk and counter. It not only provides a visual record of persons arriving, but it also serves as a deterrent to illegal or abusive behaviour.


The Importance of CCTV Surveillance Systems

CCTV monitoring is one of the most often used techniques of surveillance nowadays. Installing a CCTV camera in areas of your Singapore firm does not require significant changes to your current infrastructure. Here are several reasons CCTV surveillance is integral to company and asset management and security.

#1 Reduces Theft

Commercial establishments can prevent and decrease damage, theft, break-ins, and other significant crimes committed through strategic CCTV camera installations. Businesses in high-crime regions lose tens–if not hundreds–of thousands per year due to such events. CCTV surveillance in a non-retail company can help with intellectual property theft and acts involving other assets.

#2 Record Videos

The fundamental advantage of CCTV surveillance on any company property is capturing what they view and save it as video footage. Even if a crime goes undiscovered the moment it occurs, further monitoring of the tape can assist in detecting it later and taking corrective action. CCTV camera systems in Singapore and abroad now allow remotely watching of video footage on mobile devices. It eliminates the requirement to delegate a person on-site just for the purpose.

#3 Evidence for Criminal Cases

The video footage from a CCTV camera in properties in Singapore can be crucial against criminal behaviour within or around the business premises. It can act as vital proof. The recording of any activity can be evidence when presented in court. CCTV camera footage has assisted police in solving numerous criminal cases. Moreover, juries and judges can use it to decide how to sentence an individual who committed the offence. CCTV cameras serve not just companies but also the community.

#4 Workplace Harassment

Sexual harassment–especially in workplaces–is a significant phenomenon worldwide, with women particularly vulnerable to it at work. Installing CCTV surveillance cameras on company premises can deter such illegal activity. It provides a safer working environment for all workers. The CCTV footage will assist in identifying the heinous conduct and the individuals involved if an incident occurs at work, allowing management to prepare the appropriate reaction if litigation ensues.

#5 Enhance Productivity

CCTV camera installation in Singapore businesses assists floor managers in reducing the need for human monitoring and increasing efficiency. Employees work harder due to constant monitoring. It also holds them accountable for any deviant behaviour. It increases productivity since employees must dedicate their time to productive work and maintain workplace discipline. However, to safeguard mutual trust between employers and employees, there must be a healthy balance in CCTV camera usage.

No one can disagree that CCTV surveillance on company premises improves security for all employees, customers and clients. It can also improve company operations. Look for a CCTV surveillance supplier in Singapore that offers cutting-edge services to guarantee the best safety solutions.

CCTV Cameras can Make Your Workplace a Safer Space

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