Advantages and disadvantages of the laser cutting procedure

A laser beam is employed to cut wood, plastic, metal, rubber, and other materials in the laser cutting procedure. This technology has evolved into an essential component of the production process. Computer-controlled programming regulates the where and how of the interface integrated into the material on the laser cutting equipment. Any reputable machining company will operate according to services because it is an exact and cost-effective manufacturing of any shape in sheets or plate metal. If you go to a well-equipped machine shop, they will easily surpass your expectation when you require quick services. Check laser cutting machine Malaysia to purchase laser cutters.

Lasers provide many advantages, but they also come with their significant drawbacks. Let’s look at some of the benefits and drawbacks associated with this technology.

Following are the advantages of the laser cutting services

  • Less difficulty to keep the workpiece in the proper position.
  • Short cuts done with laser do not take very long and are incredibly precise. Compared to ordinary scissors and docketing, this procedure takes far less time.
  • The workpiece does not come into direct touch with any of the cutting tools during the production of the section. This reduces the possibility of contamination.
  • The heat created during the cutting process melts the material in the traditional separating process. This reduces the potential of metal deformation or warping.
  • The laser cutting procedure can be used to cut various materials, including ceramics, wood, rubber, plastic, and metals.
  • Laser cutting is an incredibly versatile technology that can easily cut or burn and assemble more than one structure into one single piece.
  • With one or two cutting machines, you can complete the work that would otherwise be done by several cutting machines.
  • Computer programs can easily control the laser cutting process. They make it possible to work extremely precisely while saving a significant amount of time and hard work.
  • The frequency of accidents and injury is extremely low because the laser cutting equipment does not require human interaction except for maintenance and inspection.
  • The laser provides the best option for cutting sublimation printed materials. Check out sublimation printing machine Malaysia to purchase a sublimation printer.

Like every other process in the industry, laser cutting also has its disadvantages.

  • The power consumption and efficiency of the laser are determined by the section that must be completed and the nature of the laser. Laser cutting generally consumes a lot of energy.
  • Because plastic emits gas when it is heated, it can be expensive if you choose to cut plastic by laser. Therefore, the laser cutting service will have to invest in buying a well-ventilated chamber. This is what increases the cost. Furthermore, the gases released during the cutting process are hazardous and toxic.
  • Laser cutting is not compatible with all types of metals. Copper and aluminum-type metals cannot be cut using a laser.
  • The rate of production is not consistent. The factors like workplace thickness, nature of the laser cutting, etc., play a vital role.
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