Acquired brain Injuries

Traumatic car injuries are one of the devastating things to experience after an accident. Sometimes, it leads to permanent loss of memory and at times it can also make you immobile for the rest of your life. Traumatic Brain Injuries or TBI is a broader category under which there are different levels of brain injuries, both minor and major. Some gets cured while others may prevent from getting back the same life that you enjoyed earlier. One has to look out for the symptoms of TBIs in order to determine find out the prognosis. If you or your loved one is suffering from any of the below mentioned injuries, you can contact the best brain injury lawyers in California.

Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) is caused not because of external factors but this is an internal injury which takes place. It can either affect a part or several parts of the brain. It can cover both traumatic and non traumatic injuries.

Traumatic Brain Injury

TBIs can be further categorized into open and closed injuries. The various types of TBI include the following;

  • Contusion– This type of injury takes place due to a hard blow to the head which causes the brain tissues to bruise at the point of fracture.
  • Diffuse anoxal injury– One of the most common injuries that take place due to car accident is diffuse anoxal injury which is caused due to strong rotation or shaking of the head. This is one of the serious TBIs where the person’s ability to think reduces and the brain lose its efficiency to function properly.

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Non traumatic Brain Injuries

Unlike TIBs, this injury is not caused due to some kind of shock or strain. Some of the problems under this include toxicity, tumors, stroke, etc.

Stroke– Brain stroke takes place when there is a disruption in the flow of blood to the particular part of the brain.  Stroke can be of different types- Hemorrhage, Aneurysm, and blood vessel obstructions. Strokes are harmful and can give rise to serious consequences- If the stroke take place on the left side, then the consequences would be- paralysis on right side, numbness on one side, Inability to speak and understand. The effects are opposite when stroke takes place on the right side.

Anoxic/Hypoxic injury– These types of injuries take place if there is a low blood pressure, cardiac arrest, or poisoning. The injuries take place due to lack of presence of complete or partial oxygen in the brain. Anoxic or Hypoxic injuries are of different various:

  • Anoxia Anoxia– complete depletion in oxygen level
  • Anemic anoxia– Hemoglobin is a protein responsible for transferring oxygen to different organs and tissues. Anemic Anoxia is a condition in which the blood is not capable of transmitting sufficient amount o oxygen to the brain.
  • Toxic Anoxia– When brain is unable to receive blood due to presence of toxic chemicals in body, it is known as toxic anoxia. The presence of toxic materials prevents the blood from carrying oxygen to the brain.
  • Atagnant Hypoxia– In this, the brain receives a little amount of oxygen.

If you or your loved ones is suffering from TBIs, you should immediately seek help from lawyers so that you can receive the deserving compensations for the same!

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