8 Misconceptions You Need to Know About Counterfeit Bags

Like most industries, your mens clutch bag may be counterfeit. It shouldn’t come as a surprise given that even medicines and health products can have fake counterparts. The organisations behind these items will do whatever it takes to earn money.

Purchasing fake products, such as counterfeit mens messenger bags, is illegal and not advisable as some of them can be a waste of money. However, it is unfortunate that without the necessary budget, some individuals will resort to supporting vendors selling counterfeit items if it means they can get what they desire.

There are misconceptions revolving around counterfeit products like mens shoulder bags that people believe to be true. Fortunately, listed in this article are some of the myths you may accept as the truth.

Read this article for more information regarding these eight myths you need to know about counterfeit bags.

8 Misconceptions You Need to Know About Counterfeit Bags

Fake Bags Employ Sweatshop Labour

Some counterfeit mens designer bags indeed come from sweatshops. However, believing that all manufacturers of fake products utilise this kind of labour is ignorant of the truth. Even some reputable companies use this kind of method in creating genuine products.

Indeed, sweatshop labour often has poor work conditions. However, it is worth noting that not all genuine mens designer bags come from factories that abuse their workers. One method you can do to check if an item is a product of sweatshops is to inspect the manufacturing country of your items and see if they came from places that support this kind of labour.

Fake Bags Pose a Serious Health Risk

This misconception stems from the belief that counterfeit products, such as cosmetics and medicines, place their users at risk of health issues. However, goods like mens messenger bags have no evidence to support their supposed dangers to human health. The origins of this myth came when people started to group these items into products that have actual proof that supports their negative effects on the body.

Nevertheless, manufacturing items like mens shoulder bags use chemicals that have serious risks. For example, the lead content in certain products can lead to health issues, such as chronic fatigue, heart attack, and even cancer. Fortunately, authorised retailers will sell products that follow health and safety standards, meaning your exposure to lead is lower.

Expensive Equals Real


Scammers know that people are more prone to buying the items they like when these products have a discount. The idea of potentially saving money when purchasing items, such as mens designer bags, is tempting to any customer. However, they know that people are less likely to fall for prices that are significantly lower than their genuine counterparts. Their solution to this problem is to set their price close to the original.

Fortunately, avoiding this scam should be easy if you know what to do. A possible preventive measure you can make is to purchase your mens designer bags from authorised retailers. For resellers, ask for proof of originality, such as receipts. Additionally, opt for meet-ups instead of settling deals online so that you can inspect the item.

Fake Bags Have Low Quality

It is common for people to think that the quality of mens designer bags is inferior to genuine products. However, scammers are aware that customers are less likely to fall for deals when items, such as mens shoulder bags, have evident signs of poor quality. Besides setting their price tags close to the original products, their manufacturers are also producing them with quality comparable to the real ones.

This illusion tricks buyers into purchasing counterfeit products. People buying online are more vulnerable to this tactic as they have little to no way of determining if what they are buying is genuine. This downside makes it advisable for individuals to go for personal meet-ups to avoid scams.

Bags With Logos are Real

It is absurd to think that the manufacturers behind counterfeit products, such as mens designer bags, won’t go the extra mile to copy the logo. Since what they are doing is already illegal, there is no point to prevent themselves from imitating genuine merchandise. However, some counterfeit manufacturers employ slight modifications to their logos.

Buying Online is Better



Buying products online indeed has its benefits, most notably the convenience you get. However, purchasing your mens designer bags should be done personally to avoid scams and counterfeit items. Buyers like you cannot determine whether the merchandise for sale is genuine. Online reviews and photos can be fake or inaccurate. Additionally, physical meet-ups allow you to inspect the product.

Only Authentic Bags Have Serial Numbers

Serial numbers, and other signs of authenticity, do not automatically mean that the mens clutch bag you want to buy is legitimate. You may not know about this fact, but manufacturers of either counterfeit or genuine products copy the tactics of one another, incorporating them into their merchandise. Furthermore, scammers can easily fake serial numbers.

One point to keep in mind is to never treat signs of authenticity as an assurance of a genuine product. Treat these items with scepticism.

Fake Bags Fund Illegal Activities

You may have heard someone say that purchasing counterfeit products support illegal activities, such as terrorism and drugs. However, other industries have more significant contributions than those manufacturing fake mens designer bags. Furthermore, vendors selling these merchandise are only looking to scam buyers of their money to support themselves.

For example, essential resources like oil are more prone to supporting terrorism as these are essential in whatever they do. There is no direct correlation between selling fake items and illegal activities. Linking counterfeit products, such as mens designer bags, and unlawful pursuits is not a reason you need to consider when determining how these individuals support themselves.


Counterfeit products, such as mens messenger bags, are no exception to misconceptions. There are various reasons or origins behind these myths. However, it is equally crucial for people to know the truth regarding this topic. Its most notable benefit is allowing buyers to know how to determine whether an item is counterfeit or not.

Whatever the case is, wrong notions that people have in life should be corrected. The subject matter is not relevant. Ignoring them can lead to widespread misinformation, possibly resulting in issues. Should you ever need a reminder on whether a fact regarding counterfeit items like mens designer bags is true, may this article help you.

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