What Coffee Is Used To Make American Coffee?

To make an excellent American coffee, however, the machine is not the only factor that must be taken into consideration. Even the ground coffee itself , used for the infusion, plays its part by making the difference between a good drink and a mediocre one.

Mainly, the factors that influence the choice of coffee for the production of Americano are 3: variety , grinding and quantity to be poured into the machine. Check it in this blog.


Grinding is certainly the most important component when it comes to American coffee.

The coffee that we usually use for our beloved mocha, or any other espresso coffee machine is not in fact suitable for this preparation.

This is because a too fine blend would make the percolation of the coffee excessively slow, giving us an excessively bitter drink.

To produce an American coffee, on the other hand , the grinding must be a little coarser , similar to granulated cane sugar so to speak.

On the other hand, an excessively coarse grind would produce a coffee that is too watery and of little taste as the water would pass through the coffee powder too quickly.

If you have a coffee grinder at home you should be able to play around with the settings for a while before finding the right configuration. Alternatively, you can instead buy specific coffee for use with American coffee machines , now available in practically every supermarket.


Contrary to what it may seem at first, it is not possible to indicate a specific brand or species of coffee suitable for the production of American coffee, as the best type depends solely and exclusively on the user’s tastes.

At this point we could safely say that, to make a good American coffee, you can also use your favourite ground blend , or at least one that has characteristics and flavours that are concise with the tastes of those who will later drink the same coffee.

Wanting to suggest a specific type, blends composed mainly or entirely of Arabica coffee are particularly accustomed to the preparation of American coffee, as they are mainly composed of a slightly bitter taste and a lower presence of caffeine.

Their “light” contribution makes them excellent in this type of preparation.

How much coffee to put in the American coffee machine?

The dose of coffee depends in part on the user’s tastes, but a quantity of coffee between 50 and 70 grams is usually required for each litter of water that we are going to use.

This results in standard production, which does not differ much from machine to machine. Obviously, the doses can then be increased or decreased, both according to general tastes and the size of the cups that will then be used to consume the ready drink.

So feel free to experiment with ranges between the quantities recommended in the previous lines.


In conclusion, therefore, to make a very good American coffee it is not necessary to be a coffee guru: with a little ingenuity and a good coffee machine you can create unique and special combinations, able to satisfy all tastes even when these differ quite a lot.

Are you looking for the best American coffee machine ?

We are sure that, after this in-depth study, you will surely know what to do!


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