Let’s identify the best suitable mattress which you can buy for maximum comfort

From foam, springs or latex, the best mattress should be comfortable, and ergonomic to keep up with the curvature of the spine. Quality, density, type of material and capacity to support weight and height – there are many characteristics that make the difference when evaluating the purchase of the best online mattress in India.

Let’s discuss about various types of mattress

One of the most important decisions that you must take when you buy mattress online in India, is to define which type is right for you, Comfort, durability and the ability to maintain shape after pressure vary between mattress types. You may take time to evaluate each characteristics before buying your mattress. The first thing you need to define is whether you prefer foam or spring mattress. The first has the advantage of being cheaper and have better support for the spine, an important differential for those suffering with back pain, while the spring mattress is superior for comfort and durability.

Bagged Spring Mattress

In this case, springs are bagged individually. This type of configuration ensures that they do not come off the mattress, and more importantly, that they respond to pressure individually. This means that if there are two people sleeping together, moving one will not interfere with the other’s support base.

Bonnel Spring Mattress

In this type of mattress the springs are interconnected which means that whenever there is pressure on a portion of them, there will be gradual change between the surrounding elements. The advantage is that as a spring mattress, comfort and durability will be greater than foam.

Foam mattress

A simpler model, the foam mattress ensures greater support for the spine as it undergoes less deformation of its structure when subjected to pressure. That is, it will become firmer rather than assume the shape of your body, as with the spring mattress.

Viscoelastic Mattress

A premium version of the foam mattress, its smart variant has the same material as “NASA pillows”. Basically, the material has a layer with different overlapping densities which ensures that they adapt more comfortably to weight.

As you have gained basic information regarding the mattresses, and if you want to buy any of the above mentioned best Mattress in India, buying them online will be the best option. Online store helps you to choose the best mattress according to your need. Browse the large catalogue, and buy one today.

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