Is deep tissue massage good for back pain?

Is your back hurting and you are feeling helpless? Are your muscles soaring and your body is stressed? Don’t worry because a deep tissue massage will take care of everything. From a traditional time, massage is being performed to help in alleviating pain and releasing stress. It involves some pressure, slow and light stroke to the muscle. Deep tissue massage for back pain helps in the treatment of musculoskeletal issues. It leads to the breakage of scar tissue that starts forming after an injury. 

How deep tissue massage is performed?

Deep tissue massage is performed by applying firm to high pressure on the back muscles. It helps in the release of tension from connective tissues and muscles. It is the best way to treat injuries occurring in sports and chronic back pain. 

Sometimes, it is referred to as a therapeutic massage that gives relief from chronic pain and many other diseases. It is offering both psychological and physical benefits to the patients. Moreover, it’s a great help for fibromyalgia, plantar fasciitis, high blood pressure, sciatica, tennis elbow, treatment. 

During this process, your therapist asks you about deep tissue massage. It may be performed on your entire body or just one area. Your massage giver will ask about the affected area, which is paining the most. While you are ready, he will ask you to lie on your back or stomach. It is necessary to keep the affected area exposed for a better massage. Now, massage therapists warm up your body and then provide massage to the affected area. Kneading and stroking are what they follow for providing relief during massage for back pain. 

Will it cause any side effects?

After going through deep tissue massage, your body may show some soreness. You can easily reduce that soreness using heat or cold pad or towel. The pressure applied during deep tissue massage is firm so it won’t be so safe for everyone. If you find any negative consequence of massage then ask your doctor first especially when you have the following. 

  • Blood Clotting 
  • Increased risk of bone fracture 
  • Older age
  • Wound or skin problem
  • hernia
  • Old surgery or chemotherapy 

How to do back massage?

If you are the only caregiver to the patient, follow the given steps for giving a massage.

  • Take some amount of lotion or oil on your hand for avoiding friction while moving the hands-on your back
  • Begin with firm strokes and wait for the back to get warm. Caresses the skin gently with your palms and be patient as the person gets comfortable to your touch
  • Bring your hand in the upward direction and as it’s the same route of blood flow. From light strokes, now perform intense rubbing. Move the stroke up from the tailbone to the lower back. Slide down your hand back to the bottom. 
  • Do circular kneading rotation with your hands on the back as the body warms up. Put pressure slightly with the palms for killing toxins and breaking knots stored in the muscles. 
  • Work on the buttock now with high pressure to the center most of the lower back. Start dragging into circular motions on the outward side and then upward. 

Wrapping it UP

Moov Strong Gel is an amazing diclofenac-based formula. It is considered as best massage cream for back pain. While deep tissue massage, you can use Moov strong Gel for alleviating pain. Its fast absorption potential reduces pain quickly. It can be bought in the form of spray too if required. Also, keep in mind that deep tissue is different from Swedish massage. There are three other kinds of massage like Shiatsu, lymphatic, and so on. 

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